Chris Leigh
24 Mar, 2005

Soul Calibur III to be PS2 exclusive?

PS2 News | Namco's fighter looks like it could be passing over Gamecube and Xbox for Sony's machine.
A report released this week in the US magazine GamePro has claimed that the third instalment of the widely acclaimed Soul Calibur series is being lined up as a PS2 exclusive. Furthermore, it looks like arriving sooner than we'd anticipated, with an autumn release date being bandied around. A pre-Christmas PAL release date still looks a tad optimistic.

Intriguingly, the report also goes on to describe how players will also (for the first time in the franchise) be able to actually create their own character, tweaking a wide range of options that stretches from weapons and gender to occupation and favourite ice cream flavour. Well, maybe not that last one (but there will be blood type, right!? - Ed.). According to the report, there'll be 25 fighters in all, with three new ones being added to those that gurned and grunted their way through Soul Calibur II. It'll take something to topple Kilik as PALGN's favourite, but we're open to newcomers.

Elsewhere, there's a clutch of new modes to be enjoyed , with 'Museum' being the one that piques our interest most, offering as it does a look back at the history of the consistently excellent series. 'Soul Arena' is another mode mentioned, though we'll confess we don't have the foggiest what that could be. It just seems a shame that only PS2 owners will be able to sample the game's delights.

Having said that, there's still a faint glimmer of hope - Namco actually refused to comment when we contacted them for their input on this story, so it could just be a load of old baloney. For the twenty-odd million Xbox and Gamecube owners out there, PALGN hopes so.

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9 years ago
The GC version sold the most amount of copies worldwide, so i'd be surprised if this actually happened.
9 years ago
isn't this (technically) the 4th in the series? seeing as Soul Calibur was (is) the sequel to Soul Blade?

these were some of the games that make me wish i could afford a GC atm... i love the original game, and was disappointed i couldn't play SC when it came out...
9 years ago
ObsoletE wrote
isn't this (technically) the 4th in the series? seeing as Soul Calibur was (is) the sequel to Soul Blade?
I think Soul Calibur is different because of the story line, But yeah technically its the 4th in the series..

Luckily I have a PS2 already, Soul Calibur 2 was really awesome - I had it on GC, nice music when I think of it actually.
9 years ago
It's the april edition of gamepro, and it did sell best on GC.......
9 years ago
i didn't even know it was on PS2 until i looked earlier...
9 years ago
If this game doesn't come out for Xbox I will be very mad. Please let this be a joke. icon_evil.gif
9 years ago
As for now the exclusive rights are for a PS2 version only, but that's exactly what they (capcom) said about Resident Evil 4 and now look what's happening with that game.

I think it's a pretty much given that both a Gamecube and Xbox version is in the works, but to say when we'll hear or see anything from those versions is anyone's guess. I hope Namco don't decide to go solo on this version though, SCII had amazing success on all three consoles last time.
9 years ago
I can't see how this move will get them more sales... especially since the GameCube version was so popular for having Link icon_kero.gif
Why would Namco do this? icon_kero.gif
8 years ago
looks cool
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