Mark Marrow
24 Aug, 2004

Second Sight Preview

PS2 Preview | PALGN goes hands-on with the third-person action/adventure title from TimeSplitters developers Free Radical.
The UK-based developers Free Radical Design are a talented bunch in the first-person genre, with GoldenEye and TimeSplitters already under their belt, however, with Second Sight, Free Radical Design have taken the risky step outside the genre to test their ability in creating that winning formula that has already been endowed in their past, highly successful, games.

Much like the TimeSplitters series, Second Sight is a game that’s set by the narrative and explanatory formation set throughout the course of the game. The game opens with protagonist, John Vattic, emerging from a coma in a US medical facility suffering from complete memory loss and deep scars all over his body. Being chained to the bed of his imprisonment John soon finds himself freed from the shackles holding him back by simply using the power of his mind.

The game unfolds directly after the opening cut-scene, which leaves gamers to begin their quest to unravel the mysteries that have led to your imprisonment. As you escape from the medical facility holding you, John Vattic begins to have flashbacks about past operations in Siberia, which are experienced as fully playable missions within the game. What makes this flashback feature intriguing is how the actions made in the past will change the present, which allows for a unique interaction between the player and the story to shape Vattic’s destiny throughout the course of events.

Whilst playing in these flashbacks, you must try to restructure the past to reform the present and to understand how John Vattic obtained his powerful psychic abilities, and how he used them to land himself in an medical facility. The gameplay of Second Sight takes gamers down the path of two individual paths that will ultimately lead you to piece together the life of John Vattic. For instance, when trying to understand more about a lady during a mission, John Vattic later finds out is that this woman is dead. These instances will jolt flashbacks in John’s mind that are relived during the time in the past when she was alive and well. Ultimately it’s up to you to prevent her death. When coming back to the present she will show up and assist Vattic in some way. However, if you fail to save her during the flashback, Vattic will have a more difficult time without her assistance.

Vattic quickly discovers that he possesses amazing telekinesis abilities. He has the ability to possess people, turn invisible, heal himself and, the sweetest part, throw objects(humans or other various items) across the room via the assistance of his mind.

Vattic’s amazing telekinesis abilities allows for a range of terrifying powers to assist in his ability to ensure protection from guards or to simply destroy anything in his path. The telekinesis allows players to run, break cameras, use crates as protection against enemy fire, hold up enemies and impale them full of bullets, or to simply pick up enemy weapons. Each time you use any of the telekinesis powers you will drain psi-energy from the psi meter, which eventually replenishes itself over time.

However, since Second Sight follows two individual gameplay paths, you will not always have access to your telekinesis abilities. For example, while playing in your flashbacks you won’t have the bizarre abilities enabled for the John Vattic of the present, and will instead have access to an arsenal of weaponry. During the past, missions will be based on fighting along side with military agents and soldiers with the access to an array of weaponry ranging from pistols to sniper weapons. Whereas in the present, whilst in the medical facility, you will be fighting the world with your bare abilities of telekinesis and stealth, since you don’t want the entire security of the facility crashing down on you.

Second Sight is a stylish action/adventure title with a killer storyline that looks like it’ll be an absolute blast. The efforts put into the animation and graphical side of Second Sight have all been summed up into a highly professional polished game, which promises to be an extremely enjoyable and exciting experience.

Second Sight is one of this years most promising titles and has made our ‘wow’ factor skyrocket through the roof. Keep an eye out for this game in the coming months, as this game is promised to make a massive impact on the gaming market.
Second Sight looks like one intriguing title that'll impress a lot of gamers.

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