Jon Yearworth
18 Jun, 2004

.hack//OUTBREAK (Vol.3) Preview

PS2 Preview | Enter "The World" again in the third game of the .hack series. Time to don the Data Draining bracelet again...
The World continues to spiral out of control, and the virus is running rampant throughout. But, its repercussions are being felt in the real world. More people have slipped into mysterious comas, can you find the reasons why "The World" was created?

- Import your completed save data from .hack//MUTATION to start with all your member addresses, equipment and items.

- New Enemy AI makes battles even harder.

- New Summoning Magic, and Elemental Spells. The Golden Goblins challenge you to another game of Tag.

- New Data Drain Skill

- Data Ghosts of the .hack//SIGN cast are appearing in "The World", but only Kite can see them...

- Your last two party members join you, including Balmung, the legendary player, and one of the "Descendants of Fianna"

- Aliens, one of the hardest enemy types make their appearance in the fields of "The World"

- Σ Server opens, its root town (Fort Ouph) and fields are available to explore.

- Watch carefully in the included Anime OAV to find secret areas with powerful equipment hidden inside.

.hack//OUTBREAK promises to delve further into the mystery surrounding "The World" and considering the setup it has from the previous two games, we eagerly anticipate this release.

PALGN will have a review when OUTBREAK is released in PAL land.
In multigame series, the games usually get better as the series progresses, hopefully, this will be true with the .hack series.

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9 years ago
hak 3 lookes brill
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