Leigh Saligari
05 May, 2004

Jak III Preview

PS2 Preview | We preview Naughty Dog's Jak III.
The Jak and Daxter games have celebrated a large amount of success over previous years, with The Precursor Legacy entering PlayStation 2’s Greatest Hits after 9 months of its release, and Jak II managing to sell a healthy 1.6 million copies worldwide. Naughty Dog is not just creating another sequel with Jak III, it is marking an end to one of the greatest stories found on the PS2.

In Jak III, one year has passed since Jak and Daxter saved Haven City from Kor and the attacking Metal Heads, but Haven City is still immersed in deadly chaos as three groups fight for control of the streets. The people of Haven City have grown to distrust Jak's dark powers, and as rumors boil of Jak's ties with Krew and Kor, the city blames Jak for its current woeful circumstances. When the palace is destroyed by a surprise Metal Head attack, even Ashelin cannot protect Jak as the High Council's power broker, Count Veger, forces Jak into banishment to the desolate Wasteland. Jak is flown to the harsh island and dumped.

Instead of being confined to just the city walls as in Jak II, you will get to explore the wasteland, which is five times the size of Haven City. It is a desert environment, which includes multiple areas, such as mines and a volcano. The enormity of the environment gives vehicles a key part in the gameplay. For the first time, powered by a realistic physics engine, Jak will be able to drive around in dune buggies. Jak is also equipped with an arsenal of new weapons with upgradeable mods that enable you to increase their firepower and enjoy the freedom to strategise and activate their arsenal at any time.

As Jak is exposed to Light Eco, you will be able to experience his transformation to Light Jak. With a glowing electric blue aura and a massive wing span, Light Jak introduces new moves, including the ability to glide great distances, emit an energy to block enemy attacks, and power up at anytime, all of which provide you with a sense of being invincible. Dark Jak also returns, which involves accumulating Eco pellets and charging up for a rampage. The two different Eco sides will force Jak to find a balance between light and dark.

Additionally, Naughty Dog has made a couple more tweaks to the game engine. Enemies will now feature realistic Ragdoll Physics, which will allow you to witness a unique death for each enemy that is killed. Naughty Dog has also implemented independent cloth movement technology and enhanced the enemy AI with wall climbing and smart formation capabilities.

Jak III is scheduled for release later this year. You can pretty much expect that more information on the game will be released at E3. Stay tuned to PALGN.
Judging by the quality of the previous games, I have no doubt that Naughty Dog will deliver another excellent platformer.

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9 years ago
Cool preview. icon_biggrin.gif

I'm about to finally play through Jak 2, so more of that preview will make sense. icon_wink.gif
9 years ago
Nice preview, I definately have my eyes on the game now, especially considering I'm currently playing through Jak 1, and Jak 2 will be on it's way to my house soon. Looks like I'm going to be another fan of the series...
9 years ago
I can't wait for Jak 3 to arrive: the storyline of the previous games are compelling, the gameplay is wonderful, so this game should be another winner.
9 years ago
I can't wait for Jak 3 to arrive: the storyline of the previous games are compelling, the gameplay is wonderful, so this game should be another winner.
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