22 Aug, 2007

LGC 07: First Far Cry 2 media released

PC News | How is it looking?
Back in July Ubisoft announced that Far Cry 2 was making its way to the PC. Unfortunately news on the actual game was scarce, as were images.

Today Ubisoft has released the first concept art and screenshots of Far Cry 2, which is not being developed by Crytek this time around as the team is currently busy working on EA's Crysis. The screenshots don't really give too much away but it does seem like the lovely beaches have been replaced by some more inland locations. Whilst we wait for concrete details on the game we suggest you head over to the media panel and make some predictions about what the game will be about.

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6 years ago
Wow... that is some of the most amazing fire I have ever seen, too bad the tree itself doesn't quite cut the mustard. especially when compared to Crysis (which this game most assuredly will be seeing as Crytek isn't developing this one).
6 years ago
Mmm... If those screens are in anyway indicative of realistically spreading fire with appropriate damage effects, then I'd buy the game for that reason alone.

The shot with someone stumbling out from the flames is just... *licks lips* ... yummy.
6 years ago
Yeah, in that case, that is the shiz. It certainly seems like that is what's going on. Suddenly the possibilities of a flamethrower in a forest became much cooler.
6 years ago
i seem to remember seeing these about a month ago. i guess they were leaked?

still, it's looking pretty damn awesome - hopefully EA make a few improvements to the FC formula without losing the appeal of the first version of the first game.
6 years ago
ObsoletE wrote
i seem to remember seeing these about a month ago. i guess they were leaked?
I have them in a copy of PC Powerplay that I picked up for a Fallout 3 interview, a week or so back.
6 years ago
So instead of pretty water they're going for pretty fire?

Works for me. I never managed to get through Far Cry Instincts on the 360, didn't play well at all imo.
6 years ago
I had issues with the original Far Cry whereby the enemy had better accuracy with a pistol than I could muster with a sniper rifle. I still managed to plod through but the cheap AI was irritating to say the least (I could have dropped the difficulty but I'll be damned if I'm going to cheapen the experience just because the enemy has homing bullets).
6 years ago
Sin Ogaris wrote
the cheap AI

did you by chance play a console version? the PC game had some of the best AI i've come across in a game before or since. i used to love stalking through the jungle picking off enemies as they tried to flank where they thought i was.

i wonder if it's just the way we played then, i tended to go the stealth route, so i guess i don't know if going guns blazing worked well or not.
6 years ago
I stopped playing the first FarCry when i found out it had monsters in it...

but that won't stop me this time, not when i can set them on fire! with all the small things in games coming out of the wood works (fire,water,season's,weather effects) this whole gen is making me wan't to play them even more!
6 years ago
all I remember is me zoomed right in with the sniper rifle, in the bushes I might add, losing to a guy with a peashooter. Maybe i wn't playig correctly.
6 years ago
Karai Pantsu wrote
ObsoletE wrote
i seem to remember seeing these about a month ago. i guess they were leaked?
I have them in a copy of PC Powerplay that I picked up for a Fallout 3 interview, a week or so back.
Got that too.

Its set in africa, and its sort of a free-roaming pick-your-mission sort of deal.
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