Joseph Rositano
17 Jul, 2007

New Fallout 3 info revealed

PC News | Fall out of your chair and marvel at new screens too.
New details have been released today by publisher, Bethesda, for Fallout 3 along with some new screens and artwork. In the game, you are introduced to Vault 101, a haven of sorts for the survivors of an atomic war-torn Washington DC, which is now known as Capital Wasteland. Through Vault-Tec engineering, Vault 101 is able to keep itself safe from the likes of deadly creatures such as giant insects, raiders, slavers and super mutants. Despite this however, you one day awake to find your father has left the sanctuary of Vault 101 for unknown reasons, and in a typical fashion, you set out into the vast wilderness to seek the truth and reunite with your father.

Fallout 3 will feature several new and improved gameplay mechanics from previous instalments including the ability to view your surroundings in first or third person and supposed “lifelike” AI which will have realistic facial expressions, gestures and behaviour. Aside from this, every situation you encounter can be completed in a variety of ways such as taking things in a calm and sensitive matter or shooting away like there’s no tomorrow with a plasma rifle. While no exact specifications were given, your character will also have access to dozens of unique skills as well as the ability to freeze time and target specific body parts on enemies.

Fallout 3 is expected to be released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC sometime next year. Previously, we reported that the game will also feature Liam Neeson (you may remember him as Qui-Gon from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace) as the lead role for the game. First screens and artwork can be found in the media panel below.

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6 years ago
Early screens that extremely easy on the eyes. Despite the lengthy period before its release, i am anticipating a really quality title. Here's hoping all three versions of the game are close to being identicle in quality. It would be a shame if the PC version outshone the console versions.
6 years ago
Not sure I could play Oblivion again.

Why couldn't they go Balders Gate path? icon_sad.gif
6 years ago
Sooo looking forward to this!

Its no consequence that the child of Leonard Boyarsky (who went on to found Troika Games which created the awesome Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines) is now being reborn into something that will immerse you to the extreme, thanks to the technological potential of today's PC.

Roll on, harbinger of awesomeness - we stand to welcome you with open arms!!!
6 years ago
awesome, can't wait for this game either. for some reason, while looking at the lab part it reminded me of lost... and is it me or is one of the pictures only half uploaded?
6 years ago
Ooooooo... is that the Bloody Mess perk I spy in action there, or simply a critical hit to the head? Either way, sign me up! I appreciate that they don't seem to have ditched the outrageous gore from past Fallouts icon_smile.gif
6 years ago
Gametrailers have had Fallout 3 listed as a PS3 release since footage started to surface. It's great to have it confirmed. What's doing with image 8 in the media panel lads?
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