Phil Larsen
16 Aug, 2006

War World Interview

PC Interview | Indie developer Third Wave Games sheds some light on its fast and frantic Mech shooter, War World.
Despite the fact that Third Wave Games is a smaller developer, they can attest to pulling out all the stops for their latest PC title, War World. Fans of the Mech genre will remember classic Mechwarrior games, the Mechassault series for the Xbox and even the latest and most covered, Chromehounds. It's a mech-tastic world out there, and we at PALGN took up the chance to speak to Morten Brodersen of Third Wave Games. Their home-grown Mech shooter seems to learn from the past to bring a fresh new experience.

PALGN: Can you tell us a little about the development team and their motivations for making a Mech shooter?

Moreten Broderson: Third Wave Games was founded by the Art Director Johnni Christensen and I. We have worked in the games industry for many years including developing games working for Rare and decided a few years ago to setup our own studio. We both love the old arcade game Virtual On so we decided to make a modern upgraded version of the game for the PC.

PALGN: Can you shed some light on the graphics engine and the technological prowess of the game?

MB: We are using an in-house engine called Parsimony. It is capable of rendering graphics very fast indeed and makes War World run smoothly even on older PC's. Parsimony is very open ended and easy to expand. We make sure that our technology stays current with the latest buzzword features.

PALGN: The recent Mech shooter Chromehounds was criticised for having rather slow combat, characteristic of the big, heavy Mech design. What movement can we expect in War World, and will the design of the Mechs reflect this?

MB: War World is different. The gameplay is very fast and is more similar to a 1st person shooter than a traditional mech game. People compare it more with Unreal Tournament than other mech games - which we take as a compliment. The difference is that where you typically have one or two weapons active in a FPS, in War World you can have 5 weapons actively shooting at the same time. So you can lay down mortar fire while shooting missiles while machine gunning while running very fast towards the enemy. A fully loaded mech is a weapon system to be reconed with!

Deny MY loan application, will you?

Deny MY loan application, will you?
PALGN: Where is the game set? Is there an in-depth storyline to accompany the action?

MB: Yes - the War World website (www.warworld.net) has more details about the background story. Having said that, story isn't super important in War World. The game is more about how to outmaneuver the other guys using your weapons to your advantage. The combination of weapons available to you combined with stealth, thrusters and shields opens up a lot of opportunities for developing clever strategies. The online forum at www.warworld.net has a section dedicated to people sharing tips and tricks.

PALGN: How many players can participate in online multiplayer matches? What battle scenarios (ie. Deathmatch, Capture the Flag) are available, and are there any unique to the Mech combat (as opposed to standard FPS)?

MB: Up to 8 people can battle it out online. There are 4 multiplayer game modes: The traditional ones (Deathmatch and Capture the Flag) but also Team Death Match and Assault. Assault is about capturing a bomb and blowing up the opponents base before they blow up yours. It can get very hectic as people fight to capture the bomb!

PALGN: Can players customise their Mechs?

MB: There are more than 50 weapon system to choose from including miniguns, lasers, thrusters, missile launchers, mortars, mine launchers and shields. You can also do simple things like change the color of your mech.

PALGN: Will the single player campaign progress through different objectives and goals each level, or is it more of a “ladder” style, where enemies and environments become progressively more difficult and complex?

MB: There are 4 different singleplayer game modes. The "Arcade" game challenges you to complete 100 levels and as you progress you earn credits making it possible for you to upgrade your mech with better weapons, shields etc. The "Deathmatch" and "Team Deathmatch" singleplayer games are identical to the multiplayer games but you fight with and against up to 15 AI opponents. And the "Custom" game makes it possible for you to completely customize a battle, down to the individual enemy mechs, their AI level etc.

PALGN: Will the combat always be in third-person, or will various Mech functions come in to play and mix things up?

MB: Combat is 3rd person BUT you control and aim like a 1st person shooter. So imagine a typical FPS but you can also see your mech, making it possible for you to see when your mech gets hit, where the attack comes from etc. It combines the best of both worlds really.

PALGN: How will the weapons system operate regarding the Mech combat, as opposed to a human holding a set amount of weapons and items?

MB: The weapons are a lot more powerful than what a human would be able to handle. Because of the mech amour how you use the weapons is also different. There is a lot more emphasis on thinking about what you do and using your weapon combinations to your advantage while you are moving much faster than a human is capable of.

I want mine to be pink.

I want mine to be pink.
PALGN: What kind of armour and defence options do the Mechs have?

MB: Each mech class have different levels of amour. The more amour, the slower the mech is. So there is a tradeoff there. You can also equip your mech with rechargeable shields and thrusters to get out of a tricky situation in a hurry. Another defensive option is to use Stealth. Stealth makes your mech disappear from enemy radars for some time making it possible to do high-speed attacks from an unexpected angle.

PALGN: Will the combat feature varying enemies and locales, ie. land vs. air?

MB: The singleplayer Arcade game features enemy gunship's that circle above you. They can be tough to bring down - especially if you are in the middle of a major firefight with other mechs!

PALGN: Any additional comments?

MB: Thanks for letting me talk a bit about War World. You are welcome to download a free demo at www.warworld.net and check it out for yourself! The game runs on most PC's - even older ones that may not be able to run the newest games. Happy gaming!

PALGN is in the process of playing through War World now, so look out for a review very shortly.
PALGN would like to thank Morten Brodersen, developer of War World and co-founder of Third Wave Games.

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7 years ago
Nice work Phil, real great interview.
7 years ago
wow this game is quite fun! too bad there arn't many people playing it online icon_cry.gif
7 years ago
Looks awesome. I have to agree with the fact that these type of games in the past havnt been great. Cant wait to try and get it lol.
7 years ago
I love mech game. And this looks great, and it's for PC! It's been a while since a mech game is on PC. Good price, can't wait to get it.
7 years ago
Dissecta are having a launch party for this, I might be there. Sounds intriguing.
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