Phil Larsen
24 Jul, 2006

New Burning Crusade screens and info

PC News | It's a class and racial thing.
Some exciting new information has been released regarding the first expansion for Blizzard's unstoppable MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Previously, Burning Crusade was revealed to have two new races for each faction - the Horde Blood Elves and Alliance Draenei. It was initially assumed that these new races would adhere to the previous restrictions when choosing the character class, which greatly affects your role in battle and play style. However, Blizzard has officially announced that Horde players will now be able to use the Paladin class for Blood Elves, and Alliance players starting a Draenei character can become a Shaman. In the original game, the Paladin and Shaman were restricted to Alliance and Horde players respectively, which forced players to create extra characters if they wanted to check out the other races.

The reasons for these cross-faction classes becoming available are all tied up in the endless World of Warcraft storyline, and those interested in the mythical details of this epic announcement can read up at the official site. For most, the consequences of this will remain solely on the battlefield. No longer will Shamans and Paladins go unopposed by their own kind - some may view this as a negative, because their tiring efforts to create a unique level 60 Faction exclusive won't seem so special.

In any case, the Burning Crusade expansion is set for a November 23rd release, and is pretty much guaranteed to sell millions of copies. More and more Australians are jumping on the World of Warcraft train, with the title still hovering near the top spot almost two years after its release.

Those eager to see the new characters in action can check out the Media Panel; four screenshots showing the races in battle have been released.

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7 years ago
A lot of my guildies are pretty ticked off especially the Shamans.

Personally I don't see it as such a bad thing.

I'd start a Blood Elf Paladin. The painful thing is when you have Pallys and Warriors needing the same items. Horde Warriors really haven't had to deal with that aspect of gaming.
7 years ago
I think I'd better get back to WoW for the build up to this expansion. It looks like it will give the game a much needed breath of fresh air.
7 years ago
I think this is a pretty stupid Idea. Ther story explanation on why this is allowed to happen is lame. Blizz should have spent more timing make a new class or somthing instead.
7 years ago
i honestly don't like the idea of Alliance Shaman, or Horde Paladins. in addition to the lore being rooted (once again), from a guild POV it's going to shaft a lot of people.

balanced groups are going to have to be re-jigged to allow room for the new class.

stupid Blizzard imo.
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