James Peter
22 Sep, 2005

Prince of Persia 3 Named

PC News | No toilet humour please. Screen shots and a video included.
Ubisoft have today announced that the next title in their Prince of Persia franchise will be named Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. The title is expected to be out on the PC, Xbox, PS2 and GameCube around December this year.

The Two Thrones will feature a new gameplay element called the Speed Kill. This involves taking enemies out in one shot before they’ve detected you. “If the Prince goes undetected, he will be able to trigger a series of Speed Kill attacks that lead to spectacular finishing moves. The Prince will often have to use his environment and his athletic skills to reach upper positions in order to take his enemies by surprise from above” says artistic director Olivier Leonardi. “Speed Kill is about killing your enemy BEFORE being detected. This new system made us rethink the whole AI of the enemies in the game, and the results so far are very impressive. Patrolling enemies will be able to detect the Prince, either by seeing him or by hearing him.”

Another feature new to The Two Thrones is a second playable character in the form of the Dark Prince (as opposed to the plain old “Prince” we’re used to). The Dark Prince represents the Prince’s alter ego and will utilise more violent attacks than his counterpart.

Check out the screen shots in our media panel and the brand new trailer below:
High Quality (10MB – Window Media)
Low Quality (3MB – Window Media)
PSP (8MB – AVC – Requires latest firmware)

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8 years ago
I honestly thought of the prince with his sword swinging around 2 large toilets though...
should be a cool game though icon_biggrin.gif

edit: also, who need burnout on gamecube when you have cool chariot take downs like that icon_biggrin.gif
8 years ago
dark prince hey?

sounds like they're trying the Soul Reaver/Metroid Prime: Echoes 2 worlds thing to me.

i might be wrong about MP:E, but to me the Light/Dark thing sounded like Soul Reaver's Corporeal/Ethereal worlds.
8 years ago
Have you played Echoes mate? If not, then explain to me how it compares to the Soul Reaver thing via PM. I might be able to explain the Echoes light/dark world for you. icon_smile.gif
8 years ago
no i haven't, which was why i made the disclaimer icon_wink.gif

please enlighten me
8 years ago
PM time dude, PM time. icon_wink.gif
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