Kimberley Ellis
19 Nov, 2011

The Weekend Steam - 19/11/11

PC News | Indie bargains ahoy!
Role-playing gamers are the target of this weekends deal with the Steam store selling Magicka at 75% off its regular price. Those wanting to try out the action before forking over the cash can do so, with the title also being privy to a free weekend giving you a couple of days to test its wares.

Aside from that, there are a number of great indie titles which are heavily reduced this weekend such as Braid, Gish, BIT.TRIP BEAT and the ever popular Super Meat Boy.

Equal parts addictive and frustrating, Super Meat Boy was definitely a title that charmed its way into the PALGN team's heart in 2010. We loved our time with the game, stating: "Super Meat Boy is another polished treasure that has redefined the meaning of 'challenge'. It comes at a big cost and you will feel like an incompetent moron, but that won't prevent you from coming back time and time again. " You can read our comprehensive review here.

Selected specials available this week:

BIT.TRIP BEAT: US $4.99 / AU $4.97 / GBP £3.49
Braid: US $4.99 / AU $4.97 / GBP £3.49
Gish: US $4.99 / AU $4.97 / GBP £2.99
Magicka: US $2.49 / AU $2.48 / GBP £1.99
Serious Sam 3: BFE: US $35.99 / AU $35.86 / GBP £26.99
Super Meatboy Anniversary Pack: US $24.99 / AU $24.90 / GBP £17.89

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2 years ago
was thinking that seems very expensive for meat boy, especially if on sale. turns out it's a bundle of a whole bunch of indie games (aquaria, bit trip beat+soundtrack, bit trip runner+soundtrack, braid+soundtrack, gish, machinarium+soundtrack, meat boy+soundtrack, VVVVVV, world of goo, and for some reason half life 2), though meat boy is also 50% separately. actually everything from that pack except for half life seems to be discounted atm.
2 years ago
HL2 is included as the headcrab is an unlockable in SMB
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