Anthony Capone
10 Aug, 2011

Borderlands 2 detailed

PC News | Latest Game Informer spills details on Gearbox sequel.
Fans of 2009’s hit shooter Borderlands will be pleased to hear that a sequel is currently in production. Confirmed by publisher Take Two and slated for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, the first details on Borderlands 2 are revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer (via Gematsu).

Players will once again step foot in Pandora, as featured in the first Borderlands. Co-op, one of the most significant features of the original game, will return with support for up to four players. A new cast of faces will make their debut in Borderlands 2, with the original four characters relegated to NPC status. The large bearded dwarf, as seen on the cover of Game Informer, is named Salvador, the Gunzerker, and will possess the ability to dual wield any guns in the game.

Players will go on dynamic story missions, which can feature a timed element. For example, if you take too long on a rescue mission, you will fail. Such blunders are said to affect the progress of your story.

Enemies will be far more diverse in Borderlands 2. Gearbox has ramped up the AI, allowing foes to generate their own weapons, as well as making them more responsive and better at coordinating attacks. In-game companions have also been treated to an upgrade, being more animated and giving players the chance to initiate conversations.

Game Informer reveals that Eridium, a new element, can be applied to weapons and vehicles in order to boost stats, and will be used as a type of currency. Weapons from the first Borderlands have been completely scrubbed in the sequel. Instead, Gearbox is introducing new guns, which will all have their own unique look depending on the manufacturer. Vehicles are also returning, but with more diversity. Players will also be reacquainted with the skill system from the first game.

Stay tuned to PALGN for further details on Borderlands 2.

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2 years ago
Timed missions where you can fail doesn't sound like much fun to me. One of the things I enjoyed about borderlands was exploring and looking for hidden stuff.

Still, I can't wait for this.
2 years ago
the only game i have platnumed on PS3.. i couldnt get enough. This game cannot come out fast enough
benspyda wrote
Timed missions where you can fail doesn't sound like much fun to me. One of the things I enjoyed about borderlands was exploring and looking for hidden stuff.
I agree if its not done well.. If it is it could add to to what is already a mass of replay value.. Multiple endings perhaps??
2 years ago
Yeah, the updated mission system will be amazing if it's implemented properly. I'm sure Gearbox will still put in plenty of missions where you have to explore and look for stuff, but having fewer missions that are just "Go here, kill X enemy(s)/collect items, return" can only be a good thing. That was the only thing I didn't like about the first game.
2 years ago
seriously cant wait for it either, only thing i would of liked to change (not a big problem if it didnt) but going from area to area was a real pain of mine, but i can live with it.
also a little worried about the timed stuff. because i get side tracked real easy, hopefully those i play co-op with dont haha.
2 years ago
In reality I'm sure that will boil down to simply having a few key points in the game that will define the end, as is the norm. Besides, admit it, you'll be replaying this game about a zillion times over anyway icon_wink.gif
2 years ago
I wonder if they would try and squeeze Duke Nukem in the game world somewhere..... try to milk more from the franchise acquisition...
2 years ago
must almost be time to announce the REAL BROTHERS IN ARMS GAME ??!!?!?
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