Kimberley Ellis
30 Apr, 2011

The Weekend Steam - 30/4/11

PC News | More swords and horses than you can shake a stick at.
Another quiet weekend on the Steam bargain front with nary a bargain in sight. But amongst the slim pickings are a couple of choice bargains for the economical gamer. The Weekend Deal focuses on the medieval series Mount & Blade, with the complete collection of titles selling at 60% off their usual price.

Mount & Blade is an action oriented role-playing game which firmly places gamers in a medieval setting without an element of fantasy - an aspect which has long purveyed the medieval game genre. Instead, players are free to explore the open world of Mount & Blade with nothing more than, funnily enough...your mount and blade. Players have access to a number of medieval weapons which can be used in battle either on foot or on horseback. Players are able to choose to enter combat singularly or with a party depending on the number of soldiers that you are able to sway to join your cause.

The PALGN team tested out our horse riding skills during our time with Mount & Blade: Warband late last year and we found "Warband’s excellent combat system, respectable multiplayer and a lifespan that will prove to be a total timesink", meaning that it was well worth its price tag. You can peruse our review in full here.

Titles on special this week:

Mount & Blade Complete: US $19.99 / AU $18.22 / GBP £13.99
Capsized: US $8.99 / AU $8.19 / GBP £5.39
DiRT 3: US $44.99 / AU $41.01 / GBP £26.99
Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 1: US $8.99 / AU $8.19 / GBP £7.85
Hydrophobia: Prophecy: US $10.19 / AU $9.28 / GBP £7.64
Mount & Blade: US $3.99 / AU $3.63 / GBP £2.99
Mount & Blade: Warband: US $5.99 / AU $5.46 / GBP £3.99
Mount & Blade With Fire & Sword: US $7.99 / AU $7.44 / GBP £8.99
Section 8: Prejudice: US $13.49 / AU $12.29 / GBP £8.99
Sol Survivor: US $4.99 / AU $4.54 / GBP £10.79
The First Templar - Steam Special Edition: US $33.99 / AU $30.98 / GBP £25.49
Universe Sandbox: US $8.99 / AU $8.19 / GBP £6.29

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2 years ago
Doesn't Mount and Blade Warband include the original anyway so it would be cheaper to just buy that and the other expansion instead.
2 years ago
Nope, It's a standalone expansion.
2 years ago
Capsized is well worth a look if you're a fan of action platformers. The art style and music is fantastic. I've played it for a good few hours today and I'm glad I bought it.
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