Jarrod Mawson
16 Mar, 2011

Second screenshot for Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC

PC Media | Taking it's time to get here.

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3 years ago
That's even more awesome than the last one.
3 years ago
I'm sure the "arrival" of the next screenshot will be better than this one.
3 years ago
I love numbers.
3 years ago
ok so yeah the screenshots suck, but that doesn't mean we can't fanwank.

So first screenshot has a chick being held in some sort of holding cell? The people holding her don't look alliance and they aren't cerebrus either. The armour type doesn't really match up with any of the factions off the top of my head.
The chick being held could be Dr. Amanda Kenson?

This screenshot, bunch of numbers and a path towards a mass relay. Possible count down? Time/distance till something (The reapers?) get to the mass relay.
3 years ago
^ Glad someone else pointed that out, the pics are hinting at the story in subtle ways.
3 years ago
Also proving that at this point Bioware can release pretty much anything and the hype machine starts spinning up. Bring on the weekend. icon_smile.gif
3 years ago
Yeah, those troops must be a new group. Their armor patterns dont match any of the know gangs, nor the Shadow Broker's minions.
3 years ago
Jarrod wrote
Yeah, those troops must be a new group. Their armor patterns dont match any of the know gangs, nor the Shadow Broker's minions.
It kind of reminds me of one of the suit patterns from ME 1, can't remember the name but there was a browny grey cammo pattern suit that it looks similar too.
3 years ago
No idea, but possibly. I think you're right about it being Kenson in the first screenshot. Looks like a prison, and matches up with the info we've got so far.

Not sure about the relay. That glowing red orb on the console, has that appeared elsehwere in ME2? Is it a generic console asset, or is it something new? If new, it almost looks like a black hole or worm hole.
3 years ago
yeah the red orb stood out to me, not sure about a black hole, seems more orbiting around the center then being sucked into it.

Could just be monitoring the Mass effect orb in the center of the relay.
It being red could be something, maybe the core is gonig critical or something? That could be what the 'count down' is for as well.
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