Kimberley Ellis
12 Nov, 2010

Psychonauts creator keen to create sequel

PC News | Ready, willing - but not quite able...yet.
Tim Schafer has long been a creative force in the gaming industry, but while some of his titles have been commercial successes, it is the cult favourite Psychonauts for which gamers hold him in the highest esteem and according to all reports he is ready and willing to give gamers that Psychonauts sequel that we have been dreaming about.

In an interview within gaming mag PSM3, Schafer spoke about the possibilities of a sequel to his quirky psychic adventure, stating:

"I'm ready to do it. I'd love to do it. It's really a question of getting a publisher who's interested in doing it."

While Psychonauts wasn't a commercial sales darling upon its release onto the gaming public, a steady heap of word of mouth, the occasional cheap purchase price on Steam and dare we say it...piracy, has seen the game's fan base drastically rise in the four years since its initial release - hopefully enough to get a publisher interested in jumping on board for a sequel.

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3 years ago
**** YES! DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!

This needs to pick up a publisher yesterday, get on it Gaming Industry. I won't ask nicely again.
3 years ago
ended up picking up a 5 dollar copy second hand for x-box to play on my 360.

Damm good game, would pick up a sequel day 1.
3 years ago
Might be worth re-releasing an HD version of the original on Live Arcade & PSN to gather even more fans
3 years ago
If this happens, not only will I party for days, but I will have a special trophy made and delivered to Tim Schafer. Tim Schafer is my idol, and also the inspiration for my hopeful career in Game Design. Tim Schafer, I love you for even considering this.

Supreme, absolute love.

Well, not really, but you're really cool and totally awesome.

This news....is so incredible... I need to sit down.

Whats hilarious about this, is that although i've finished the game several times with my brothers copy, i'm actually buying my own copy tomorrow night via XBLA since he's moving out, so this is absolutely perfect news... Absolutely Perfect.

No words describe my happiness at this moment.
3 years ago
I love Tim as much as the next fanboy, but this game really was Double Fine's magnum opus. One of the best platformers of the last gen. In my opinion the Banjo Kazooie of the last generation.
A big claim to make I know, but really, play it through and tell me it doesn't deserve a sequel.
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