Kimberley Ellis
16 Oct, 2010

The Weekend Steam - 16/10/10

PC News | An island of bargains awaits.
While the number of games on sale may have slowed down to a trickle, there are a few choice bargains to be had across Steam this weekend. The biggest special available this week is the Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack, which bundles together all five chapters of Guybrush Threepwood's buccaneering exploits across the Caribbean. Purchasing the Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack will give gamers a saving of 86% off the regular price for the bundle.

Other notable titles on special this week include the Guild Wars expansion Eye of the North, while simulation loving gamers have the X Superbox to unpack which contains the full catalogue of the space sim franchise.

The pirates at PALGN have quite enjoyed their time with the title and you can find our opinion of each chapter here, here, here, here and here.

All Specials Available This Week:

Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack: US $4.99 / AU $5.03 / GBP £3.50
Air Forte: US $8.99 / AU $9.07 / GBP £7.19
DeathSpank: US $13.49 / AU $13.62 / GBP £8.99
Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes: US $15.99 / AU $16.14 / GBP £11.99
Guild Wars: Eye of the North: US $20.09 / AU $20.28 / GBP £6.69
Poker Night at the Inventory: US $4.99 / AU $5.03 / GBP £2.92
Rhythm Zone: US $6.69 / AU $6.75 / GBP £5.35
Shank: US $13.49 / AU $13.62 / GBP £8.99
X SuperBox: US $35.99 / AU $36.33 / GBP £35.99

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3 years ago
There's also Shank and 'Spank for 15% off at US$25.50
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