Cody Giunta
05 Jun, 2010

Ubisoft launches UBIShop in Australia

PC News | With a special introductory offer
Australia can now join Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States in enjoying Ubisoft's UBIShop service.

UBIShop will allow gamers to buy downloadable editions of Ubisoft's PC gaming catalogue, with future plans to expand the service to include boxed editions across consoles and PCs as well as associated gaming merchandise.

To sweeten the deal, UBIShop is currently running an introductory promotion - for every full-priced game purchased, gamers will receive a budget title for free. This offer runs until June 14.

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3 years ago
please nobody buy from this site, the games are cheaper in retail and MUCH cheaper on the steam store
3 years ago
GON wrote
Based on early impressions, prices are looking a little stock standard: $89.95 for Assassin's Creed II. To celebrate the local launch though, Ubisoft is offering UBIShop Australia visitors a special offer of a free budget game with any full price purchase.

The company, which has come under fire in recent months for its handling of DRM strategies, presents the option to add EDS to your game purchase for an extra $12. EDS stands for Extended Download Service.
UBIShop wrote
Simply purchase EDS as part of your order. We’ll automatically store on our server a back-up copy of the software that you purchased and downloaded for two (2) years from the date of purchase. System crash? Hard disk error? No Worries! You can re-download your files anytime during your extended protection period.
Money grubbing or valid protection? You decide.
Next they'll be retracting all their games from Steam icon_lol.gif
3 years ago
Makes me wonder what they will do with Steam. Other distributers like EA have exploited the Aus market by upping their prices on steam. Others have not. I thought digital distribution would end the price disparity between Australia and the US, but it hasn't done anything..

For the time being, the Ubisoft prices on steam are the same as the US price, and even with the aussie dollar slipping it's still cheaper than Ubi's aus store. Splinter cell conviction is only $60 US on steam (~70AUD) compared to $90 AUD on the 'local' store. Why would you bother?
3 years ago
notsofat wrote
please nobody buy from this site, the games are cheaper in retail and MUCH cheaper on the steam store
Not to mention DRM (fail) free
3 years ago
Slipvayne21 wrote
Not to mention DRM (fail) free
You know Steam got it right when nobody really considers it to be drm. icon_razz.gif
3 years ago
notsofat wrote
please nobody buy from this site, the games are cheaper in retail and MUCH cheaper on the steam store
but their games suck so I don't buy them til they're sub $20 anyhow.

I hate ubisoft.

3 years ago
I will no purchase Ubi soft games till they sack there CEO..
3 years ago
Charging RRP is fail...
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