Denny Markovic
08 Mar, 2009

Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack Expansion out now

PC News | It's titanic.
After a few months of speculation and hype, Epic Games have finally released their anticipated expansion to Unreal Tournament 3, The Titan Pack.

Coming in all together at just under a gigabyte, the Titan Pack adds several new maps, mutators, weapons and new game modes, the two main ones being Greed and Betrayal. Greed is based off CTF, where you gain 'skull' points for fragging people, and then return it to your base for points. The twist however is that if you die, the skulls you've collected are dropped, and other players can pick it up for their own team. Betrayal on the other hand is exactly what the gametype suggests: betraying your team mates at opportune moments in order to win the match.

The game has also received a UI overhaul and total netcode optimisation for the PC version, so players will be in for a much smoother online experience.

The update is only available for PS3 and PC. For Steam players, you should have an auto-update ready to go. For the non-Steamers, you can download the pack at Beyond Unreal. PS3 gamers will receive an auto-update, however due to some approval issues, the PS3 patch has been delayed till the 19th of March.

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5 years ago
yee - hah -
downloading this tonight ...
5 years ago
I have a friend who can't play the game since dling the patch.

He said the game has to be online to be able to get trophies but when he tries to go online he gets signed out.

So for him it sure is Titanic, as in a disaster.
5 years ago
All I can say is... Interesting mod! Grr... Just got this game for birthday and there is so much confusion I found I had to download an additional "Patch 2.0"!!! Ut3.com only mentions Patch 1.3! Seriously patching this game is a pain but man its awesome fun! The graphics rule. Been meaning to get this game for ages, since it first came out.
5 years ago
This still isn't out for the ps3.
Any date for the ps3 patch release?
5 years ago
shiraj wrote
This still isn't out for the ps3.
Any date for the ps3 patch release?
PSN stuff only comes out on Thursdays, right? So maybe it'll be out then.
5 years ago
Just did a bit of extra research for you guys and it's been delayed till the 19/3 for PS3 due to some certification approval issues. I'll edit this into the article. Apologies for the inconvenience guys.
5 years ago
Is voice chat finally available for PC or have they continued to ignore it still?
5 years ago
Voice chat was in, not many players with headsets though icon_sad.gif.

Greed is awesome as is the titan mutator icon_biggrin.gif, just wish there were more players online.
5 years ago
^What's your nickname? I do play but I'm still more active on UT2k4. I'm normally on the FFA servers, nick is FrzN.
5 years ago
I play as either Skiller or AusSkiller, though I usually play the teamplay modes (I don't think I'd be good enough with the asmd for FFA yet icon_wink.gif ).
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