Joseph Rositano
03 Oct, 2008

Fallout 3 screens

PC Media | Lots of greys and browns.

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5 years ago
I hope to god that fallout 3 brings what i want to see, from what i have seen looks like oblivion flung into the future with more options.
Damn wish i could wear my awesome al3x made fallout sig. icon_sad.gif
Screw all the naysayers of fallout 1 and 2, i never played em, from what i have seen looks tops.Yeah you heard me fallout1&2 peepz. XD
Screw it, it looks awesome.
5 years ago
^ Same here, I tried to play 1 recently, but I just couldn't get through it. It hasn't aged well for anyone who never played it back in the day (IMO anyway).

Some people have said this does keep the feel of the originals though, so it should still keep some of the die hard F1 and F2 people happy.

Looking good so far though.
5 years ago
I only got the first 2 recently, i have no problem with them at all, people still play diablo 2 and the graphics aren't much worse than that. Game mechanics and story are solid, missions are solid, i think they are awesome games and i never played them until about july this year...
5 years ago
I'm not a die-hard fan by any means, but I've played all the early fallout games (Wasteland excluded) and it's pretty obvious that the game is going to be hugely different than any of the others. I don't see that as a problem though, I'm still looking forward to playing it ASAP.
5 years ago
I absolutely cannot wait for this game, merely because of the music and feel it's going to have. I've always been a big fan of games where you can customize your characters and classes.
5 years ago
Is that a mutant zombie cow with the face of a statue strapped to a saddle on its back? I heart this game hard.
5 years ago
That better be a Brahmin or I will be ****ing pissed, where's the second head?
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