Joseph Rositano
21 Aug, 2008

Take a look at World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

PC Media | Does it have the WoW factor?

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5 years ago
Same WoW graphics. New WoW place.

But I just got into the beta, so now I can see all this for myself =D finally.
5 years ago
^How did you manage that?
5 years ago
Man I'm pumped for this, reading the changes to the hunter and engineering changes it's gunna be awsome, and Wintergrasp looks like the shit.
5 years ago
Looks better than I remember WOW. I have been thinking about getting back into it for a little while but the thought of downloading a couple of years worth of updates is ball shrinkingly daunting, particularly on my 4Gb monthly allowance.

It would be good if the expansion included an up-to-date client that can be used for a fresh install or update.
5 years ago
Benc82 wrote
^How did you manage that?
If you have a WoW account, in the account management section they had a 'beta opt-in' to elect yourself as willing to be in it. And they randomly pick people I guess.

I opted in *months* ago icon_dead.gif. I got the email that i was in *today*.

Now i just need my quota to reset so i can download the 1.8gig client.
5 years ago
Suetekh, assuming it's like Burning Crusade, it will come with a Disk that'll bring it up to the 'latest' release, short of the obligatory hotfixes and minor bug fix patches a day or two after launch.
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