25 Jun, 2008

Fallout 3 Australian Exclusive images

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5 years ago
Don't let the Australian get a hold of those pictures, or they'll be reporting that we have already been overrun by mutant terrorists from the future.
5 years ago
Images that are exclusive to a region... I can't say I've ever heard of that happening before!
5 years ago
^ haha yeah not quite sure how thats supposed to work. Im pretty sure the internet is region free.
5 years ago
^ Unless you happen to live in China, of course...

Looking as pretty as ever, but all I want is some gameplay videos - specifically showing off combat.
5 years ago
Exclusive Images? Nice to see someone taking Australia seriously.
5 years ago
^ Nothing is exclusive once it hits the internet icon_smile.gif
5 years ago
The usage of exclusive basically means AU media gets them only, so international sites can use them, but they have to link back to the AU domains, PALGN, IGN AU, Gamespot AU etc..
5 years ago
Does this mean Australia will get good treatment with this release? Like same release date as everywhere in the world, and maybe something special with the game?
5 years ago
Red Ant has already announced an AU exclusive collector's edition and i expect we will get the game around the same time as the rest of the world, very very good handling for Australia.
5 years ago
Image 3 is enough to sell me this game a hundred times over (in fact expect a preorder when I get my tax, Amazon preorder that is, I want that alarm clock), it clearly has the same style and humour as the early titles and thats all I need. Of course, the dog in the first pic helps seal the deal as well.
5 years ago
I agree, that's awesome that people finally showing what each stat actually means. I think I'll have to pick this up since we're being treated so well. Thank you Red Ant.
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Australian Release Date:
  31/10/2008 (Confirmed)
Standard Retail Price:
  $109.95 AU
  Red Ant
Year Made:

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