20 Mar, 2008

First Sims 3 details

PC News | And images.
The official Sims 3 website has been updated with the first images and information on The Sims 3, which is set for release on the PC.

The Sims 3 will feature an open living neighbourhood where Sims will exist, the Sims will be able to walk around their neighbourhood, visit friends and move around the surroundings. The game will also contain a new create a sim tool, which apparantly will make it easy to create a Sim with unlimited customisation. It will be possible to customise several aspects of your Sims including your Sims shape and size, facial features, eye shape, skin tone, hair, colour, clothing and accessories.

Apparantly each Sims will also have a realistic unique personality, there will be plenty of personality traits such as loner, perfectionist, klepto, romantic, clumsy, paranoid, brave and more. Check out the first shots in the media panel.

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6 years ago
I think this is what Playstation Home wants to be icon_wink.gif
6 years ago
How many expansions for this one? icon_razz.gif

Though I'm looking forward to it, new inventive ways to kill sims.
6 years ago
Looks like objects and backgrounds have reached a peak on the looks/performance graph. Which means the system requirements will be sane, however judging by the open environment it sounds as if more (moar!) RAM will be eaten so 64-bit binaries might be available which will be good for us who have 64-bit OSes.

Also it seems like most of the less exotic enhancements from previous expansion packs seem to have been incorporated into the main game. Yay!
6 years ago
Oh christ... Not another one...

I might be just a crazed and F'd up individual but when this game comes out someone needs to make a mod where you can smash around the place in a big eff off tank and blow the shit out of all the sims. Now that would be a cool game.
6 years ago
the concept is alrite but EA killed it really with constant updates. The game gets boring after a while.
Nonetheless, I have a large amount of respect for The Sims, it has brought numerous female casual players whom would'nt even think about games before Sims. Including my sister, now i barely get to go on the bloody computer, she's on it!
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Australian Release Date:
  4/06/2009 (Confirmed)
  Electronic Arts
Year Made:
System Requirements:
- Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
- 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
- 1 GB RAM
- At least 6.5 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content
- 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0

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