David Low
19 Oct, 2007

Virtual Console updated

Wii News | Adventuring, shooting and fighting, oh my!
The Virtual console has had it's weekly update, and unlike last week's slight diversion between European and Australian releases (Australia got Axeley exclusively, and Europe Probotector II), this week PAL releases are back to their regular simultaneous schedule.

First up, the vampire hunting sequel Castlevania II: Simon's Quest has been added. A much different game from the original, Castlevania II is an action adventure in the vein of Metroid. Next is the VC's first Turbografx-CD game, Gate of Thunder. Originally released in CD format, this shoot 'em up has a lot of animation and a high quality soundtrack. There hasn't been a new category created for Turbografx-CD games, but they do cost 200 points more then their originally cart based Turbografx brothers at 800 points.

Finally, another Neo Geo game is up in the form of World Heroes. One of the most straightforward Street Fighter II clones of the era, World Heroes features pseudo-historical figures battling it out for world supremacy.

We'll be updating our Virtual Console review archive with some new reviews soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, click below to see our reviews of previous Virtual Console game releases, sorted by their original platform.

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6 years ago
hehe simons quest. I think i'd rather watch AVGN play the game instead.
6 years ago
Jin66 wrote
hehe simons quest. I think i'd rather watch AVGN play the game instead.

Copious course language warning!
6 years ago
Excellent. A reason to buy a Neo Geo game. I will be purchasing this tonight.

Btw, how big is the CD game?
6 years ago
Please tell me that World Heroes lets you pit Abe Lincon v Hitler?!?

That would be so awesome in a completely random sense!!!
6 years ago
Got World Fighters. It seems like an excellent port, however I haven't played the game for well over 10 years.

The controls are tight and seems to run at full speed. Although there is a border at the top and bottom. (I think David mentioned there was a reason for this?).

Still, I'm very happy quality of the Neo Geo emulation and cannot wait to see some of the better titles hit the console. I'd still love to know it is actually on par with the Neo Geo ROM for the PAL converison. I have done a quick search and it seems it's running at 50 Hz but I people claim the speed on par with the US verison.

Please please please bring the King of Fighters series, Last Blade and Samari Showdown soon!
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