22 Aug, 2007

LGC 07: Mario Galaxy coming to PAL regions November 16

Wii News | We breathe a sigh of relief.
With still no official release date set for Metroid Prime: Corruption in Australia (although confirmed for October 26 in Europe) and Super Smash Brothers confirmed to be coming out in 2008 in all PAL regions we were beginning to get a little worried about when Super Mario Galaxy would be coming to PAL Regions.

Well, at the Leipzig Games Convention JeuxFrance took some happy snaps of the Super Mario Galaxy booth, with the most pleasing bit of news confirming the game will be out on the 16th November 2007 in PAL regions.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now, knowing we'll be playing at least two of Nintendo's big Christmas titles this year, now how about confirming the Australian Metroid date Nintendo?

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6 years ago
So, the Game of the Century will be released on November 16th?


Really though, this is the type of release dates we should be getting all the time from Nintendo. This is only a day after the US release, right?
6 years ago
Both Mario and Metroid are 'TBC' on the Nintendo Australia website as of about 2 seconds ago, so I really hope this is correct and isn't a rumour.
6 years ago
Australia's website is a joke. We must rely on teh Internet for news.

Did I say Yay yet? No... Yay!
6 years ago
So that November date for Galaxy on the Aussie retailers list, might be true after all.
6 years ago
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Finally, a reason to own a Wii, only a year or so after Zelda!! I hope things pick up, and yes, please, announce metroid for 2007.
6 years ago
Metroid is the 8th of November...
6 years ago
TEE HE HE! Mario for me!
6 years ago
Metroid and Mario with a week between them is going to be insane.
6 years ago
^ insane indeed

I may actually play my first FPS Metroid game in November icon_smile.gif
6 years ago
legend166 wrote
Metroid and Mario with a week between them is going to be insane.
You guys have been waiting long enough for something like this to happen. Nintendo owes you this at least!
6 years ago
well i knew it wasnt going to be a huge (like half a year) wait but i was worried it might take a long time. this is definitely a relief so i now know its time to start saving
6 years ago
Just happy that the two games that were possibly launching the Wii are finally coming out. Now only if the 3rd Wii launch title hadn't sliped back to 2008 for PAL people.
6 years ago

Can't wait.

(we all know this is game of the year, right? icon_razz.gif)
6 years ago
Hands up who here thinks that total Wii's sold will triple in the month of November?
6 years ago
Hooray, I might actually make my second purchase for the Wii since launch!.
6 years ago
According to Vooks.net.au (The only other PAL based Gaming Site I trust), Metroid Prime 3 is supposed to be hitting Aussie Stores on November 8th 2007.
They also reckoned that Mario Galaxy would be out on the 15th, but hey.....their prediction isn't too far off.

Yayayaya! for Mario!

Viva La Carpenter/Plumber/Super Plumber!/ Extra-Terrestrial-Bee-Suit-Super-Plumber!

Original Article here:
6 years ago
DancesInUnderwear wrote
(we all know this is game of the year, right? icon_razz.gif)
Of course! icon_biggrin.gif

Though this is a tough year to choose a 'single' game of the year.
6 years ago
Awww I am trusted!
6 years ago
Apparently Metroid has a European release on October 26.

The final installment to the Metroid Prime series, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which is released next week in North America, will hit European shelves on October 26, so we’ll finally be able to see if the Wii’s much touted control system has been utilized to create the system’s first great FPS.
6 years ago
LOL Nov 16th is my birthday!! I love you, Nintendo! Best present ever!
6 years ago
The 16th is pretty awesome awesome news and so close to my birthday! icon_biggrin.gif
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