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06 Aug, 2007

Dewy's Adventure Preview

Wii Preview | We're singing in the rain.
Konami’s Eledees (or Elebits for those outside PAL regions) was a moderate success upon release, featuring both an original concept and engaging gameplay mechanics. It also provided a break from the gloom and shadows of “mature” titles by implementing some of the cutest sound and visual effects ever seen in a game. Now the cutesy nature is set to return in the form of Dewy’s Adventure, a new Wii exclusive which has been developed by the same team that worked on Eledees.

Dewy’s Adventure follows the story of Dewy, a water droplet. Dewy has been bestowed with the remaining strength of the great Elder Tree, after the large plant was attacked by the evil Don Hedron, as part of his plans to take over the entire forest by covering it with Black Water. Being the last pure droplet, Dewy sets out to purify the waters of the land and put a stop to Don Hedron once and for all.

Much like Mercury Meltdown Revolution, the game only makes use of the Wii remote itself and doesn’t require the Nunchuck attachment. Furthering the similarities, players control Dewy by holding the controller sideways and tilting it in the desired direction of movement while the ‘1’ and ‘2’ buttons are used for attacking and jumping respectively. Additionally, Dewy also has a special ability which is linked to the fact that water can take the form of either a solid, liquid or gas state - Dewy can transform into the cloud of steam or a solid ice cube by pressing up or down on the D-pad.

Somewhere, over the rainbow...

Somewhere, over the rainbow...
These different abilities also pave the way for several interesting gameplay mechanics. Firstly, the steam ability allows Dewy to hover above the ground. As you press and hold the ‘1’ button, an expanding shadow covers the ground, and upon the button’s release, all enemies within the circle are stunned by lightning strikes. Meanwhile, Dewy’s ice form can destroy enemies and barriers by slamming into them when momentum is gained. There are, however, a few drawbacks to Dewy’s power. When in his steam form for instance, Dewy won’t be able to move around unless there’s a breeze blowing, while Dewy’s ice form makes him more difficult to control - particularly when he’s on a fast rampage through certain areas. On top of this, there is a time limit which will slowly revert Dewy back to his water form, but it is reportedly generous enough for you to carry out whatever task you wish to accomplish, and maybe even have some time left to spare.

It is however not just Dewy that will experience the effects, as the whole level will change slightly as well. For example, when Dewy changes to ice, a snow path may appear that he can slide down to access a new area. The developers have even gone as far as to include a little mist on screen to add that extra effect when the ability is used.

This looks oddly like Pikmin.

This looks oddly like Pikmin.
Aside from the said uses, the motion control functionality of the Wii remote is additionally used to fan gusts of wind in order to activate elevators and cause small earthquakes that crack holes and pathways in the ground. There are also water gun cannons which you have to pump in order to launch Dewy to new areas. While nothing much else has been revealed in the way of motion sensing controls, it’s more than likely Konami have implemented a few other controls which will be enticing for the player.

As mentioned, Dewy will be assigned the gritty task of purifying the Black Water which is scattered across levels. Generally though, the Black Water resides in certain enemies (such as a boss or mini-boss) so you’ll have a bit of work cut out for you. Once the Black Water does appear, all that’s needed to purify it is to simply slide over it and watch it turn into a crystal which goes towards extending your life. While on the topic of boss fights, based on what’s been shown players are in for a real treat as they look awesome and it will take full advantage of Dewy’s unique abilities to defeat them. For example, one boss will attempt to lick Dewy up with its tongue, which in turn you have to freeze to the ground by utilising Dewy’s ice abilities which then leaves the boss’ weak points exposed for an onslaught.

When plastic surgery goes wrong.

When plastic surgery goes wrong.
Just like Eledees did, the game will also play host to some WiiConnect24 features including the ability to take screenshots at any time, as well as the ability to create your own levels and send them off to friends. There will also be a separate challenge mode where you try to either collect all the stars in an area, or defeat all enemies under a time limit. Multiplayer support for up to four players has also been confirmed and will see players attempt to collect more stars than their rivals before the clock runs out.

Based on what’s currently known about the game, Dewy’s Adventure is shaping up quite nicely and looks to be another winner from Konami. Speaking of which, if you’re reading this Konami, can you please perhaps release the title in PAL regions within a month after it’s American release so we don’t have to endure a half-year wait like we did for Eledees?
Konami’s next exclusive Wii title is shaping up to be another winner. Featuring several different gameplay elements including the transformations and simplistic controls, the cutesy world of Dewy’s Adventure may prove tempting for gamers both young and old.

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6 years ago
If you pre-ordered this from Japan you got a free Dewy toy! I want that toy. He is so cute. As for the game... I might get it when it's cheap, or at the end of the cycle when I buy games I previously missed.
6 years ago
Oh god... this looks strange, but, it does sound good. Might check it out if I hire a Wii one day!
6 years ago
This one is looking quite good, I just hope the game isn't a memory hog because of pre allocation like Eledees was, 110 blocks was pretty insane, it should only consume the blocks that I actually use!
6 years ago
ive heard about this one, i think ill pick it up
like eledees i hope i dont have to wait 7 months for it to make it here though...
6 years ago
I dont know seems like a cheap rip off nintendo wii trying to think up some new games for a while but who knows
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