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With Meet the Robinsons just hitting cinemas, Disney Interactive Studios has released a game on multiple platforms to tie in with the movie release. To be honest, we wouldn't be surprised if half of you read that first line and gave up on the game, the good news, is that for the half of you left you may just find a hidden gem in Meet the Robinsons. It's not perfect and is a little too generic, but overall Meet the Robinsons is a relatively enjoyable action game that's sure to please the kids.

In Meet the Robinsons you'll assume the role of Wilbur Robinson. Wilbur is a child from the future, he isn't the main star of the actual film but the game doesn't take you through the whole storyline of the film, but rather, tells a different story. The main portal for the game is the Robinson's home. At the beginning you'll have to endure a few fetch quests (such as collecting parts or finding out who has locked the garage door) but after the extended tutorial the game is quite enjoyable.

A dark and mysterious cave.

A dark and mysterious cave.
There are five gadgets that you'll collect throughout the game to help you on your adventure. The two gadgets that are most important are the charge glove and the disassembler ray. The charge glove fires electricity at enemies. The disassembler ray has the ability to "disassemble" objects around the levels giving you parts to put into thetransmogrifier machine; which builds gadgets and upgrades. You'll also use it to break apart obstacles which will sometimes get into your way. The scanner gadget searches for hidden areas in levels, the havoc gloves can get you underground and the levitation ray lets you levitate enemies and objects to move forward.

Throughout your adventure you'll encounter many of the characters from the film, which will be a bonus to children who have just seen the movie. The adventure itself is mainly made up of puzzle solving and exploring, it's a little linear though as there is generally only ever one way to navigate through a level. Using Wilbur's gadgets is good fun and the levels are varied and enjoyable. If you're stuck on a specific area then Wilbur can ask for a hint too, so children won't become stuck on the one area for too long.

Kinda like MI6, no not really.

Kinda like MI6, no not really.
Meet the Robinsons also includes a few minigames to break things up a little. One of the first minigames you'll come across are the protectosphere courses. The game puts you in a massive ball and you have to navigate around the course trying to complete a lap in the fastest possible time. The protectosphere courses play much like a simplified version of Super Monkey Ball and are actually a lot of fun. There is also a Dig Dug type minigame for when you're using the havoc gloves. You'll need to dig through the maze using the glove, which is rather clever. There is also a Pong minigame too. All of these minigames compliment the game well, you're never really forced into playing them and you can replay them at any time.

As the game is available on plenty of platforms there are a few differences between the games. The Wii version is controlled in a different way than the other console versions. The nunchuck is tilted to cycle through your targets. The Wii remote's sensor can be used to move the camera and target with your gadgets. Overall, though the Wii version's controls feel a little tacked on, there are no Wii specific minigames at all.

Graphically the game isn't pushing the Wii but still looks impressive. The game isn't as detailed as the Xbox 360 version, simply because the game isn't running in a high resolution, but the game still looks rather decent. The game is very colourful and the characters all look like they did in the movie. The actors who voiced the characters in the film have returned to voice them again. Harlan Williams, Adam West and Tom Selleck all provided great voicework and all of them suit their respective characters well.

It's like some kind of big...balloon.

It's like some kind of big...balloon.
Disney Interactive Studios has done a great job ensuring kids will want to return to the game. The single player adventure lasts under ten hours but there are plenty of things hidden in the game to come back to. There are certain parts of levels you cannot access without a required gadget, there are blueprints hidden throughout the game to collect, as well as VR disks and action figures. You can also find concept art hidden throughout the game. One of our main disappointments comes from the lack of a two player mode, even if the game included some minor co-op support for parents could play with their children this would have been better than no two player mode at all.

Overall Meet the Robinsons is a solid and enjoyable game on the Wii. The game borrows heavily from Tomb Raider and The Legend of Zelda and whilst it doesn't live up to the greatness of these two games Meet the Robinsons is still a good game in its own right. With the Disney license Disney Interactive Studios could have just thrown a simple basic game onto the disk and called it a day, but they've come up with one of the best kids games for the year.
The Score
Meet the Robinsons is an impressive and enjoyable kids game, it has a few issues but the campaign is fun and provides enough reason to come back to the game more than once. The Wii version however, is inferior; with tacked on controls and no bonus minigame the Wii version isn't as enjoyable.
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