16 Mar, 2007

Two player Super Mario Galaxy

Wii News | Luigi, where are you?
While still possibly only a misprint, Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy website currently lists the number of players as "1 - 2". If correct, the two-player action could range from being only within the now staple Nintendo minigames, right through to total two-player planet jumping mayhem.

Nintendo has recently shown some novel controller creativity in using a single Nunchuk / Remote combination for two-player action in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Two-player action within Super Mario Galaxy may be an attempt to further encourage the "Wii" aspect of multiplayer gaming even within predominantly single player games.

UPDATE: As pointed out by forum user joejoe, this functionality was discussed by the developers at E3 in 2006. Of interest though is that this represents further confirmation that a two-player mode will be available. Given the various rumours involving delayed ship dates, it's comforting to see other elements discussed at E3 confirmed.

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7 years ago
Shiggy said it at E3.
7 years ago
article wrote
right through to total two-player planet jumping mayhem.
Please let that be the case! If it is, I'll be a very happy guy, two player Mario would be sweet, especially Galaxy. icon_smile.gif It would certainly explain the delays somewhat.
7 years ago
Have there been any good multiplayer Mario platformers (where it was either well integrated or the tacked on feature was actually worthwhile)?
7 years ago
i thought mario 1, 3 and world where really good platform multiplayers, but thats just me.
7 years ago
^ SMB Delux on GB?
7 years ago
I thought they were fairly average. The multiplayer in Mario 1 was tacked on (and nothing memorable), and in World it played exactly the same as the single player game, it just made it easier than taking turns with the 1 character (or gave you twice the lives if you were playing alone icon_redface.gif).
7 years ago
New Super Mario Brothers Multiplayer is great fun. where you play against eachother.

could do with some extra maps though.
7 years ago
They showed a video of this at E3. It was just one player using the Wiimote to collect the floaty-stuff, and the other actually making Mario run with the Nunchuck. So, the same as single player, but splitting the controls between two players.

It could actually work well. I do a similar thing when playing Jedi Academy with my younger cousins. They aren't co-ordinated enough to control both the mouse and keyboard, so one of us controls the mouse, and the other controls the keyboard.
7 years ago
^ if that's all, i'll be sorely disappointed.
7 years ago
Maybe the multiplayer for this game is online co-op?

but im 99.99% sure it wont happen icon_razz.gif
7 years ago
ObsoletE wrote
^ if that's all, i'll be sorely disappointed.
I would certainly hope not, if that happens I won't be impressed.

Retroman: We can dream!
7 years ago
SMB3 and NSMB had great multiplayer. I'm not hoping for too much with this though, the single player game should kick enough ass to cover for average multiplayer
7 years ago
ObsoletE wrote
New Super Mario Brothers Multiplayer is great fun. where you play against eachother.

could do with some extra maps though.
So much truth that my head might explode!

The most fun that I've had with NSMB is in the two-player mode where you compete wiht each other. The only thing holding it back is that you can't play the whole game like that. I'd love to be able to play through a 2D (or 2.5D whateveryoucallit) Mario title in that 'we'll play co-op when needs be, but otherwise it's deathmatch time sucka' style.
7 years ago
Man I'd love a Super Mario War/SMB mash up. NSMB2 needs that.

I hope they aren't talking about the "multiplayer" feature of splitting the controls. That's all well and good but you can just do that anyway. I hope it's coop Mario & Luigi, but I'm not holding my breath.
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