David Low
01 Jun, 2006

Guitar Hero developer talks Wii

Wii News | Harmonix is certainly interested.
Ever since the original unveiling of the Wii's motion sensing controller, the possibility of music and rhythm games on the system was one of the first ideas that popped to mind for many people. Indeed, the promotional reel for the controller featured an actor pretending to play a drumming game, and at E3 Shigeru Miyamoto played an 'orchestra conducting' game demo on stage. While Nintendo has had some success with their GameCube bongo peripheral, many wondered what current music genre kings Harmonix (of Guitar Hero fame) thought of the Wii and it's possibilities. Wonder no more.

In an interview with Wii website The Wiire, Harmonix Senior Designer and Guitar Hero's Lead Designer Rob Kay spilled the beans on what he and Harmonix thought of the Wii, and the possibilities of a game from them on it. When asked about the musical possibilities of the controller, Kay said "As soon as I realized that its not just the Wii remote, but the nunchuk that can also detect movement, I thought, 'Ah, wouldn't it be great do drum with this.' And they showed the video of this as well when [Nintendo] first announced Wii. Of course there is huge potential there, so I hope they come out and do something with that, similar to their Donkey Konga game." About an actual Guitar Hero game on the Wii, Kay said "I personally couldn't see a console more suited to this game than Nintendo's forthcoming Wii."

Kay was especially optimistic about the speaker present in every Wii controller, saying "That [the internal speaker] is huge. Absolutely huge. I can see that being a feature with music games." he continued: "One of the things that's really helpful with that, is if all of the players have their own speaker, they can hopefully get their own unique stream of audio feedback, which could be big. I'm excited."

Finally, when asked about Harmonix current situation in regards to Wii development, Kay was a little more circumspect: "The current situation with the development kits, I don't know. I know that we are definitely not closing our door to [Wii]. We are interested in it. All of the three next-gen machines have a good shot. Personally I can see it being a pretty even split, even between all three of them. We are as interested in [Wii] as we are the other two, and no more interested than the other two. And we will see how things pan out. It's a little bit of a copout answer, but a lot of developers, especially smaller developers are risking a lot by choosing to concentrate on one platform."

Check out the full interview, it's an interesting read. As usual, more as we get it.

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7 years ago
Match made in heaven... icon_smile.gif
7 years ago
Phew... I can stop trying to modify my Donkey Bongos to play frequency.
7 years ago
Air guitar here we come.
7 years ago
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