David Low
12 May, 2006

E3 2006: Iwata comments on Wii price

Wii News | And also on the price of another console...
US newspaper The Seattle Post-Intelligencer somehow managed to get an interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. During the interview, Iwata discusses quite a few issues of interest, such as his opinion regarding Sony's adding of some tilt sensors to the PS3 controller, the reason Nintendo didn't reveal the price of it's upcoming Wii console, and he also added some hints as to what the price may be.

About the controller, Iwata had this to say "A motion-sensing controller that you hold with both hands is completely different from one that you can use with either your right or left hand. Worldwide, bloggers have been writing that they copied us, but I don't really think we've been copied. I don't think at all that we've lost Wii's advantage. We've come out with a unique, new innovation. I think the fact that a company would do something similar is an admission from the outside that it has value. So instead of getting angry, we should celebrate."

When asked about the price in comparison to the US$600 PS3, Iwata said "First of all, all we've said is that we'll have an affordable price range. We're using 'affordable' in the sense that the price won't be significantly higher than Nintendo's prices have been historically. Compared with $600, anything is affordable, so it's absurd to even compare our price". Ouch. He also said "Microsoft didn't announce Xbox 360's price at last year's E3. And the year before that, the prices for the PSP and the DS weren't announced, so I don't think it's unusual at all that we're not announcing the price at E3 this time. But the Wii will come out in the fourth quarter, so I expect to talk about it around summer".

All very interesting. You can check out the full interview here.

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7 years ago
We're using 'affordable' in the sense that the price won't be significantly higher than Nintendo's prices have been historically.
I'm going to overanalyze this: Gamecube's launch price was $US200 I think? So if it's not significantly higher than that, then it's still higher, right? $250 looks a lot more credible now, as $300 would be a pretty significant increase. In fact, it seems that all of Nintendo's past consoles have launched in the US for $200? That's more in 2006 dollars but still...
7 years ago
Agreed. US$249 is what i'm tipping. I think Australia will see it for $299 or $349.

If they sell at AU$299 in Australia, they will FLY off the shelves!
7 years ago
In term of innovation/originality, Nintendo is no doubt the leader. But for marketing, Nintendo is inferior to SONY/MS.
I think the Wii will sell for $AU350 at launch ($AU50 more than the US/JAP version). Then in December 2007 they will lower the price to $AU280.
This is how the companies market their products in Australia, i.e. put the price much higher than other regions and then gradually lower the price to attract newcomers (SALES SALES SALES). This business model has been around for nearly a decade now because Australia is a potential market with less population. For India and China markets = Low price for More = Profits
7 years ago
$350 is what im betting on too.
7 years ago
Gamecube was going to be $400
but then Microsoft dropped the XBOX price
so Gamecube came out at $330

I think it may be about $350-$400, cause i have a feeling they are going to have a bit of a bundle put togetherr
7 years ago
Even 400 bucks would be great. That's how much the PSP was.....
I could save that quite easily once i getta job.
7 years ago
I have a job, have had one since I was 15. (two and a half years ago). I'm saving up for the Wii now, but I only workat Macca's, so it does take a while. That's why I'm hoping for a $250 AUD price area, very affordable, especially since I'll want games as well (most likely $100 each).
7 years ago
Over on the Joystiq web site, there's a rumor going round that the Nintendo Wii will cost approximately $249. Anyway, with all this talk of prices, this rumored price does seem reasonable. Though, on a similar note, after seeing this picture, the "price war" speaks for itself.

7 years ago
^^^This guy isn't losing any weight by Using Wii ^^^
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