Jeremy Jastrzab
10 May, 2006

E3 2006: Super Mario Galaxy details

Wii News | To make up for showing so little eariler.
Is this the Mario 128 that we've all been waiting for? Well, Nintendo announced Super Mario Galaxy during their conference earlier today, though were surprisingly quiet about the whole thing. Nintendo has now released some concrete information to go with this annoncement. Galaxy is described as an "action-platformer" and will feature two player support. The title makes use of both the Wii-mote and the nunchuck attachment but as of yet, does not yet have an official release date.

As is the usual case, Peach has been taken away, but this time it's by a mysterious creature (not necessarily Bowser) and it's taken her all the way to outer space. So Mario is finally back in action and of course, he needs to go and save her. Players will come across numerous friends and enemies both new and old as they trek across low-gravity alien terain. This situation is likely to open up a whole set of new and exciting gameplay possibilities and places to explore.

The game will make full use of the Wii-mote and Nunchuk attachement, so players aren't just left with an exciting setting. The controller components come together to make a game much more than just pressing buttons. Mario will have a wealth of new moves that are all based around tilting, shaking, swinging the Wii-mote, spinning the Nunchuk and pointing and dragging things with the pointer.

That's just about all that we know for now. Hopefully, there will be an opportunity for our men on the floor to take this game for a spin. If they do, we'll be sure to bring you the full details. Please stay tuned to PALGN for more coverage from E3 2006.

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7 years ago
7 years ago
Two player support? That's very interesting!
7 years ago
Mario and Luigi together for the first time in a 3D platformer?
7 years ago
Very interesting, that is. However, they are both in the new Super Mario Bros game on DS, so that's actually the first.
7 years ago
3d platformer though ad, it's sketchy, even though nsmb uses 3-d characters it's on a 2-d plane, so it's 2.5d platformer rather than a fully fledged 3-d one.
7 years ago
I'm not as big a fan of Mario as most Nintendo fanboys are but damn this game has me excited. Watching it for the first time during the conference and seeing Mario in space was intriguing and awesome stuff. icon_smile.gif
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