David Low
10 May, 2006

E3 2006: Two versions of Zelda

Wii News | GameCube game will not have Wii controlls, whilst Wii version will.
At their pre-E3 conference, Nintendo has finally confirmed what's going on with the new Zelda game - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will come in two versions, one for GameCube, and one for Wii. Both versions will be released on the same day that the Wii launches.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii will allow targeting of the bow-and-arrow using the Wii remote control, as well as swordplay featuring actual controller swings, and fishing where the remote becomes a rod, and you must physically reel in fish. As we already reported, the Wii controller also contains a speaker, which will be used in game to create 3D sound with the player at the centre of the soundscape.

No mention was made of whether the Wii version of the game will use the console's extra grunt for improved graphics over the GameCube version, although the demo shown was as impressive and beautiful as anything produced on current generation hardware. Possibly the biggest question is why are is Ninty bothering with a GameCube release at all? Nintendo must be serious about keeping the GameCube around as a budget console.

We're sure to have much, much more on the new Zelda when the show proper commences tomorrow.

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7 years ago
But will the Wii version have gc controlls, for less energetic gaming.
And most importantly will this devalue the Wii controls.
7 years ago
Looks like I might pick up both versions of the game when the time comes.
7 years ago
Wii version for me. Looks like my GameCube will be going without the new Zelda. icon_kero.gif
7 years ago
Got a nice video demoing Zelda. Encoding now and will upload ASAP.
7 years ago
I think I'll go for the Wii version, I wonder what the price difference will be between the two? The added controller support and hopefully improved graphics should make it worthwhile. icon_biggrin.gif
7 years ago
I think I will be picking up both versions even if they do both release on the same day. As stupid as it sounds, I think I'd prefer to experience how the Wii is used in Zelda on a second playthrough rather than the first. I'll use the first playthrough on the Gamecube version as my 'new Zelda' stage and the Wii playthrough as my 'experience everything the game has to offer' stage.
7 years ago
Amazing how Nintendo have managed to make you guys throw your money away like that. It's madness!
7 years ago
Eh, it's not like I would have saved the money anyway. icon_wink.gif
7 years ago
The wii plus the wii zelda, plus the gc zelda, plus all crazy ass peripherals, plus a handful of virtual console downloads, will still end up being half the rpice of a ps3.

Well at least 2/3 the price.Either way, who knows, both zelda purchases may be a necessity(for the true zelda nut).Anyone smell any gc/wii link up and connectivity between the versions ala oracle ages/seasons?
7 years ago
Two versions of a Zelda game being released on the same day. Decisions, decisions.
7 years ago
Can anyone explain the differences between the 2 versions? Does the Wii version support traditional controls? I'll be fuming if it doesn't cuz I don't wanna buy it for gamecube.
7 years ago
If the Wii version also suits 'Cube controls, which it should as 'Cube controllers are compatible with the Wii, why buy both versions?
7 years ago
Remember the Gamecube version can still be played on the Wii so you wouldn't have to buy a Gamecube to play the non-Remote version.
7 years ago
i have a gamecube but it's like buying the xbox version of burnout revenge as opposed to the xbox 360 version.

I want the Wii version with standard controls....nothing else!
7 years ago
Playing the new zelda on the wii sounds better
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