Lahiru K
12 Jan, 2006

War of words over Zelda/Revolution rumour

Wii News | I think we can safely say we are confused.
A few weeks ago NGC magazine claimed that a senior source at Nintendo informed them that the new Legend of Zelda game will have Revolution control capabilities. Then just few days later, Nintendo retorted by accusing NGC of publishing "mere speculation".

And now barely a week since Nintendo's answer, NGC have fired back saying they weren't merely speculating but that the news was "direct from the people who are making the game". Understandably annoyed by the dismissal of their article they continue, "instead of a brilliant news exclusive, we've got somebody else at Nintendo issuing a carefully worded non-denial". It is true that Nintendo's response to the Zelda/Revolution rumour doesn't actually dismiss it altogether, rather that Nintendo have yet to announce anything on the subject. NGC have been known to provide the gaming community with reliable information, so how might this 'rumour' be any different?

Needless to say, all this back and forth denials and non-denials are leaving gamers unsure of what to make of it, but for the moment we can assume that NGC have the upper hand. The editors at NGC are really sticking their necks out with their stance on the issue, and for a magazine as prominent as this, that's a significant stance to be taking. Their actions in this debate heavily suggest they believe the rumour to be true and if, like they said, the barer of the news was indeed a senior Nintendo official... well, who are you going to believe? Nintendo or NGC?

Confusing? Yes. Riveting? Hell yes. Will we have to wait until E3 before the truth is revealed? Believe me when I say, all of us here at PALGN can't wait for that day to arrive.

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8 years ago
Havn't this sort of thing happened before.
Either way though. I'll have my copy when is out.
8 years ago
WHat I still don't like is NGC Magazing plastering a giant "REVOLUTION LAUNCH DATE REVEALED" on a page, then citing a late 2006 release.

Well, no shit.
8 years ago
I'll bet all my chickns that this revolution conectivity is true, BUT, it will be similiar to how the gba was able to be hook up to the windwaker, ie-sorta gimmicky.
8 years ago
That or how you gained access to a secret shop playing the Oracle games on the GBA.

Would sure be interesting if this was true.
8 years ago
Was it a secret shop or just to make the 'gba ring' or wateva it was buyable?
8 years ago
Oh, for crying out loud. Just make up your mind.
8 years ago
This is certainly one of those 'wait and see' types, which exactly what I plan to do. To be honest, I don't care whether the controller does work with the game or not. Even if it does add to the experience in some way I don't think I will care, as I will be too busy enjoying the main experience. We'll see.
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