Chris Leigh
10 Jun, 2005

Downloadable games on Revolution won't be free

Wii News | Nintendo classics will command a fee.
In a business strategy conference held in Japan, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has played down internet rumours that Nintendo will be offering its first-party back catalogue for free on its next-generation Revolution console. 'We have no plans to distribute [our back catalogue] without a fee,' insisted Iwata, though he did hint that certain classic Nintendo titles will be used as promotional freebies.

The Revolution's ability to download and play the company's first-party titles from the last decade or so - a feature labelled by Nintendo as the 'Virtual Console' - was never truly likely to be entirely free. As it is, Iwata would not be drawn on what kind of pricing scheme Nintendo has in mind, and instead explained the motive for the unique download service as 'an attempt to create a system which allows both Nintendo and [third-party publishers] to make a profit by using [software titles] from the past.'

Even more interestingly - and here's why this story is also in the Nintendo DS section, folks - the Nintendo boss also revealed that Revolution owners will be able to download demos for the Nintendo DS to the console and then transfer them wirelessly to their handhelds. Nifty.

More news as it breaks.

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8 years ago
this doesn't really surprise me...

so long as demos are free though...
8 years ago
Yeah - Nintendo is a business - it's not often that a business offers out freebies, hey?

I'm sure the arranngement will be reasonable.
8 years ago
wasn't expecting it to be free anyways.

oh, wait, yes i was... icon_wall.gif
8 years ago

mangaman can't afford a Revolution, we repeat mangaman can't afford a Revolution.
8 years ago
mangaman EARNS revolution after recieving Dux of the college award.

Large student friend has head smacked by father
8 years ago

Big Pete challenges mangaman for his Revolution.
8 years ago
Big Pete has revolution taken away by mangaman
8 years ago

Big Pete buys new Revolution...finds out the controller is also a lightsaber...fights mangaman.
8 years ago
*picks up broomstick, goes to challenge Big Pete*
broom versus light stick, who will win?
8 years ago
Big Pete looks beaten until...ANIME GUY runs in...smacking mangaman over the head with a Sailor Moon dvd and running off.
8 years ago
Big Pete about to deliver the final blow, until Large Rob comes in and lands on his leg, temporarily paralyzing him. Well, it's a draw folks!
8 years ago

Big Pete and mangaman have joined forces to take on their rivals...how long will the partnership survive? No one knows
8 years ago
(continued story)
...the search for mangaman and Big Pete impersonators is on, whatis their real identity?
8 years ago

Anime Guy

Large Rob

If you seen either call Big Pete and mangaman Anti-Nintendo hunters.
8 years ago
HAHAHHAHAHA!!!! *wetting pants*
8 years ago
News headline: Big Pete and Mangaman both get banned for spamming icon_razz.gificon_razz.gif

...So... yes, this was expected. Hope it'll be cheap. icon_smile.gif
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