Chris Leigh
08 Jun, 2005

Revolution controller is still not finished

Wii News | 'We're having fun,' says Shiggy.
The controller for Nintendo's next-generation Revolution games console is still in the process of being designed, according to head honcho and all-round Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto.

Speaking at a business strategy conference in Kyoto, Japan, Miyamoto admitted that the design for the peripheral had yet to be finalised. 'We're at a stage where we're adding and removing various kinds of functions, which has been very fun,' said Shiggy. And Nintendo President Satoru Iwata assured the press that 'we expect that you will be surprised with the Revolution's controller.' Intriguing stuff, and Iwata promised more revelations on the console before the end of 2005.

What we do know is that Nintendo will be adhering as closely as possible to the 'All-Access Gaming' philosophy they were touting at E3, which means the controller should be basic enough for anybody to pick up and use instantly. It's all about attracting the non-gamers, kids. Meanwhile, the subject of Nintendo's next controller has spawned all sorts of internet gossip and froth, from suggestions that the peripheral will come in two parts (one for each hand presumably) to the bizarre idea that Nintendo are considering some kind of headset. As it is though, it's all just idle, empty speculation.

More non-idle, non-empty facts as they emerge.

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8 years ago
It's not finished...

Seriously though.
That's fine.
If it means that we get a better finished product that really is something great and different, then take your time Nintendo (within reason, of course).

So long as it's not too basic...
8 years ago
'So long as it's not too basic...'

omgwtf teh revolution controla iz reveeled!!!!11 :O
8 years ago

That's absolutely classic.
Somebody I know of from another forum joked about the controller having only one big red button.
Nice pic man, very funny.
8 years ago
REVOLUTION News: 'We're having fun,' says Shiggy.
On reading the topic title, I did think they're being a bit lazy, but saying that's made me 100% confident now.
8 years ago

"No I think the buttons make it too complex" icon_lol.gif
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