Cody Giunta
10 Feb, 2012

Nintendo Store Update - 10/02/12

Wii News | And that's the end of that chapter!
This week's Nintendo Store Update features a well-stocked listing of games to download across all possible platforms. On the Wii, players can indulge in The King of Fighters '97 and BurgerTime World Tour, available on Virtual Console and WiiWare respectively. Meanwhile, handheld gamers can enjoy the delights of Kirby's Block Ball on the 3DS eShop. A demo of Crush 3D is also out now.

Title: The King of Fighters '97
System: Neo Geo (Virtual Console)

Amazingly released in 1997, The King of Fighters '97 is the fourth game in the series. In this version, two different play modes are available before choosing a team: Advance and Extra Mode. Advance takes its cues from King of Fighters '96 but includes a redesigned Power Gauge, while Extra Mode is based around the fight style of KOF '94 and KOF '95.

Title: BurgerTime World Tour
System: WiiWare
Price: 100 Wii Points

With its origins in an early eighties arcade game, BurgerTime World Tour involves players walking over burger ingredients, with the aim of eventually having them all fall on the same plate. There are also enemies attempting to thwart your courageous chef, who can combat them by dropping ingredients on their heads.

Title: Kirby's Block Ball
System: Game Boy (Virtual Console)

You just got blockballed!

You just got blockballed!
Bearing a clear resemblance to Breakout, Kirby's Block Ball features the titular pink blob featuring Kirby. As a ball. That shatters blocks, and sometimes enemies.

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