Jarrod Mawson
15 Dec, 2011

Nintendo to release Zelda art book

Wii News | Celebrating the legend.
Continually giving the Super Mario Bros. anniversary celebrations a run for their money (not to mention the complete lack of anything Metroid), Nintendo has yet another goody in store to celebrate the long history of The Legend of Zelda. Following up the recent release of Skyward Sword and the touring orchestra, we're now getting a The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary art book.

Well, at least they're getting it. Japan that is. Popping up over at the official Japanese Nintendo website, the art book, titled 'Hyrule Historia', features a whopping two-hundred and seventy-four pages of annotated concept art spanning the entire series. Priced at ¥3,255 (~AU$42), the book is set to release in Japan on the 21 December 2011.

As for a local release? Best keep those fingers and toes crossed. Only just announced for Japan, there's no word at all for a local release, let along any English translation at all. Collectors best get ready to do some importing. In the mean time, check out some samples from the book below.

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2 years ago
My Jaw hit the Floor.
Now I await a release date.
and ready my money once more.

I think I'll grab two copies.
2 years ago
In about 2 weeks time, expect news of an EB exclusive edition which only has the front and back cover for the same price as the Japanese version.
2 years ago
BWAH? Want... so badly. Here's hoping for an translated English release. I'd buy it! Will they be including a damn Zelda TIMELINE!? aha, I actually don't care about that. Want the book!

Anyway, what's up with this Zelda Manga also on the official site? Skyward Sword manga?!
2 years ago
Yup, its the new Manga by Akira Himekawa. They have one small book each for most games in the series. OoT and FS have 2.

That'll probably be just a single book. I don't think it'll be a series.
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