Jarrod Mawson
03 Oct, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 'Opening' trailer

Wii Media | How many more sleeps?

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2 years ago
When this game was first announced and the vids were released, I didn't think much of it. At the time, Spirit Tracks left me very bitter as I was going through the same motions established since OoT and the impressionist art style wasn't translating well from what I was seeing in the vids from the concept art.

However, as development went on and more worlds got shown and fleshed out from the mandatory "forest temple" setting, this game, and especially this video has shown that this may be the Zelda game that may rekindle my adoration for the world of Zelda.

I'm ready Nintendo. If this is one of the last Wii first party games, may this go out with a spectacular bang.


Pure brilliance.
2 years ago
great title tune.
2 years ago
WarAdept wrote
Spirit Tracks left me very bitter
Was I the only one who thought that game was great? I mean, the ending was frustrating, but everything else was pretty good.
2 years ago
Spirit Tracks rocks. I think I like it more then Hourglass.
2 years ago
It was the trains that did it for me. I didn't mind that they repeated the whole business of having to go back to the first dungeon every time to unlock the next part of the game, but completely taking away control (or close to it) during exploration is a very bad thing for me in a Zelda game. That and there was one new item to play with.

Oracle of Ages/Seasons was the pinnacle of handheld Zelda's for me.
2 years ago
I loved the train. The ability to toot the horn was amazing!
2 years ago
I loved spirit tracks; and probably enjoyed it more than Phantom Hourglass; however i found it provided an extremely similar experience to PH with more additions. PH just had much more wow factor for me..

Played the skyward sword demo at Nintendo Connection Tour in Melbourne last week; was mostly impressed with the Flying.. Controls so intuitive!
2 years ago

One of my favorite Items in Zelda has been the magnet gloves, though they only really work with 2D Zelda games. Though here it looks like he is just crawling, but i hope there is some sort of positive negative puzzles in there somewhere.
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