Cody Giunta
23 Sep, 2011

Nintendo Store Update - 23/09/2011

Wii News | Abuzz with excitement.
On this sunny September day, we have been treated to two updates to the Nintendo Store, both within the confines of the handheld console.

Taking a trip into the past, fans can enjoy a brand spanking new 3D edition of TwinBee via the 3DS eShop. When you're not occupied on that front, DSiWare offers up Cut ther Rope.

Title: 3D Classics: TwinBee
System: NES
Price: $7.50

This unique cartoon-style shoot 'em up originally only appeared as an arcade game in Japan, with its first non-Japanese release occurring in 2007 on the DS. With gameplay similar to another 3D classic Xeviouis, players can pick up bells as power-ups to thwart their enemies. Two player gameplay can also be made possible.

Look at that pretty blue ocean...

Look at that pretty blue ocean...
Title: Cut The Rope
System: DSiWare
Price: $7.50

Cut the Rope is a puzzle game that has gamers attempting to feed a monster named Om Nom with the help of the DS stylus. Swiping across the screen will allow players to collect stars by touching them with candy.

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2 years ago
is there a reason PSN updates don't get front page news storys?
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