Cody Giunta
19 Aug, 2011

Nintendo Store Update - 19/08/2011

Wii News | Champion of download games?
In this latest edition of the Nintendo Store Update, three games are available for download. In a somewhat surprising move given recent trends, one of them is even on the Wii, with Flight Control making its debut on WiiWare. In portable land, players can expect to lap up the likes of 3D Classics: Urban Champion and Moto eXtreme.

Title: 3D Classics: Urban Champion
System: 3DS Download
Price: $7.50

This multi-dimensional take on the classic Urban Champion has all of the classic dodging, punching and kicking elements that you remember with the added benefit of playing against friends via the 3DS' local play system.

Because nothing gets people riled up like reading material...

Because nothing gets people riled up like reading material...
Title: Moto eXtreme
System: DSiWare
Price: 800 DSi Points

A sporting title with action elements at its core, Moto eXtreme gives its players the chance to pull off some death-defying stunts on a motorcycle in a multitude of courses across four uniquely-themed worlds. The DS stylus is also used heavily to create different objects to guide your bike.

Title: Flight Control
System: WiiWare
Price: 500 Wii Points

Assuming the role of an aircraft controller, gamers can direct air traffic in the safest manner possible in a variety of different aircraft. You need not play alone, however, as you can enlist friends to help out in the hustle and bustle of the skies.

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2 years ago
Title: 3D Classics: Urban Champion
System: 3DS Download
Price: $7.50


Seriously, this should be a $2 title (or the famous 99c US).
2 years ago
^Isn't everything on the Nintendo over priced.
2 years ago
Yes. I just can't believe they are pushing $7.50 for bad NES games. Crazy.
2 years ago
redemption wrote
^Isn't everything on the Nintendo over priced.
Not really. $7.50 for something like Super Mario Bros 3 or Zelda: Link's Awakening is a great price (better value that 99c for many iOS games, IMO).

But for a game that was considered a piece of shit 25 years ago? Nope.
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