Jarrod Mawson
27 Oct, 2010

GoldenEye 007 - Tank level trailer

Wii Media | Daniel Craig couldn't reverse park to save his life.

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3 years ago
Nice try, Activision. I ain't buying this game until I see Civilian No. 2 as a playable character.

3 years ago
I'm just getting a circle that says loading and isn't actually loading anything...
3 years ago
anyone else having issues loading the video?
3 years ago
If it is loading it's even slower than the PSN icon_wink.gif
3 years ago
video must be broken ....
3 years ago
You're a cruel man Jarrod..
3 years ago
I'm just going to imagine the video instead .....mmmmmmm.... aaaaaahhhhhhhh

it is still shit.
3 years ago
this will have to do
3 years ago
Well that was a failure.

Replaced with a working video.
3 years ago
Being an original GoldenEye fan, this is insulting.
3 years ago
element465 wrote
Being an original GoldenEye fan, this is insulting.
its funny , i always wanted to play this game and yet all those years ago i only got to play about 5 mins of the game , fast forward to 09 - picked up the game haoping for something to play ownly to find the controls are to artic a long with the movement just like my beloved syphon filter series , aside from a redux or remake this is about the next best thing i would say , tho i do wish it was on the bigger consoles .
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