Jarrod Mawson
14 Oct, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii headset revealed

Wii News | Wii need to talk.
Online chat during games is rather uncommon on the Wii, and one of the few titles set to support the feature is Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops. Wanting to give eager Call of Duty fans who want to play on Nintendo platforms something special, peripheral manufacturer PDP has revealed a custom Black Ops 'Headbanger Headset' to help gamers chat as they waggle and point.

While the standard Headbanger Headset comes in a clinical white styled to suit the Wii, the Black Ops headset instead comes in a polished jet black, complete with the Black Ops logo decal. Both headsets feature;

  • High-quality voice chat for compatible titles.
  • Adjustable, flexible noise cancelling microphone.
  • Comfortable for left and right ear positioning.
  • Mute and volume functions integrated into the earpiece.
  • LED indicators for the mute function, as well as system connectivity.
  • Approximately three meters of cord.
  • Support for other titles, such as Conduit 2.
  • Licensed by Nintendo.

Both versions of the Headbanger Headset are set to release in America and Europe sometime in November, and retail for US$24.99. It is unknown if this peripheral will make its way to Australia.

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3 years ago
hahah Cords..
3 years ago
I didn't even realise they were making it for Wii. LOL.
3 years ago
So you actually have to plug it in to the Wii itself...
3 years ago
Cords? Cords?! CORDS?!?!

Either sit next to the Wii or that better be one long cord.

Horrible idea.
3 years ago
Its also horribly insulting for a console which was the first to have bluetooth controller ports for pretty much every controller you use with it. Its not like we shouldn't expect peripherals to use it.

I guess if its got 4 player offline splitscreen theres no more room for it, but I don't think thats the case anyway.
3 years ago
The Wii doesnt have enough USB cords for all these accessories. There's nothing more annoying than having to reach through your TV cabinet to unplug / replug a GH / Rockband microphone / headset / whatever else there is. I'm using one of the ports for my ethernet cable. Thankfully the guys and girls who did my Joytech power station enabled a plug-thru feature so I can piggy back another USB device into it's existing plug (that only uses the USB section to power the charging base)..
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