03 Jun, 2009

E3 2009: Super Mario Galaxy 2 shots revealed

Wii Media | It's me, Mario.

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4 years ago
While it does look like the first one, it also looks like the levels are a lot more fun. Definitely looks better than the first.
4 years ago
Man ohh man is it a good time to own all three consoles. I was considering getting rid off the Wii but not after hearing MG2. I never would of though id see the day when TWO major Mario platformers released on one console.
Oh shi- More Purple Coin frustration by the looks of it! icon_razz.gif
4 years ago
I honestly believe that is some of the best looking grass on any console out there. It just looks freaking sweet.
4 years ago
It's Mario Galaxy again.

Only with new levels.

And older levels with new challenges.

And increased difficulty.

And new abilities.

And the return of Yoshi.

How can anyone not want this?!
4 years ago
I thought the first Mario Galaxy had awesome grass, and I loved how foot prints in sand never disappear. For a Wii game it had some amazing graphical effects. And I agree with EatChildren.
4 years ago
Awesome, i dont think i can say much more on the matter, this would have to be one of my most anticipated games, i dont care if its more of the same, thats what i want!
4 years ago
Sweet, SMG still is the best wii game to date that I have played icon_smile.gif
4 years ago
Its going to be even more surreal if thats even possible.
4 years ago
Am I right in thinking this is the first true sequel in a Mario series that carries on from a previous title in context and style since the Lost Levels (or the original SMB2 in Japan)? Besides the RPG series and New Super Mario Bros. of course.
4 years ago
grass moustache? nintendo is crazy
4 years ago
Cammie said it was the first sequel on the same console or something
4 years ago
Crazy awesome you mean. This makes me glad I have Wii access somewhere in my life!
4 years ago
First picture on the left of the bottom row...

what the hell is mario doing to that yoshi?
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