James Peter
02 Jun, 2009

E3 2009: Nintendo Conference Liveblog

Wii Feature | New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Vitality Sensor and Metroid Other M.
A full run down of the Microsoft E3 2009 conference can be read below. The significant announcements have been put in bold for your convenience.


1:54 Hello and welcome!

1:56 Just a few minutes left. Everyone is seated. Excited yet? You better be to be up at this time!

2:02 I did say I expected this year's show to be on time. Whoops - there goes the first of my expectations.

2:03 There's some trivia questions up on the screen. For instance - Which of the following items does not appear in The Legend of Zelda for NES?

2:05 And we're off. Not too late. Cammie Dunaway takes the stage..

2:06 Looking very serious. Saying we will see a "leap forward in game control".

2:06 Introducing New Super Mario Bros for Wii. Side-scrolling 2D with up to four players. Very reminiscent of original Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii E3 2009 Trailer

2:10 New features include being able to pan out and people coming back to life in a bubble. Looks kind of cool. Short demo of first level.

2:13 On to Wii Fit.

2:14 Wii Fit Plus that is.

2:16 Available this Q3 this year. It will "let you understand what it's really like to run a mile in Mario's shoes". Available either as a software download in packaged with new boards.

2:18 Reggie is up.

2:19 "Over the last few years, physical reality has become the new proving ground for innovation," says Reggie. Translated, it means "we did it first and we made lots of money".

2:20 He's talking up Wii Motion Plus. "A new level in precision control." On with the demo video, which shows sword fighting, archery golf. It's Wii Fit Resort with Wii Motion Plus. Trailer looks much more 'hardcore', than 'lifestyle', surprisingly.

2:24 Bill Trinen is up on stage. Demonstrating the first level in Wii Fit Resort. Skydiving - using the Wii Motion Plus to position the player. Onto archery... yawn?

2:26 Everything their talking about feels a little hollow after Project Natal from Microsoft yesterday. After a year, technology that should have been included in the Wii in the first place isn't getting any more impressive Nintendo.

2:28 Bill is bringing Reggie back on stage for some 1-on-1 basketball hoops. Wacky executive zaniness, tick.

2:29 Reggie wins (we knew he would). Saved by the "money ball".

2:30 "Third-party development is flowing to Nintendo. Last year, in America more third party games were sold for Wii than any other platform and DS came in second."

2:32 Reggie talking up some titles that will support WMP; Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, Grand Slam Tennis, Virtua Tennis and Red Steel 2 (which needs it to run).

2:34 New RPG for Wii - Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers coming from Square. Exclusive version of Kingdom Hearts also coming to the DS.

2:36 Now Mario & Luigi RPG 3 - Browser's Inside Story for DS. Looks awesome.

2:38 Introducing Golden Sun DS. Full 3D worlds. Graphics suit the game style very well.

2:39 Cammie is back. "Nintendo DS line is the most lucrative for developers."

2:39 James Patternson' Womens Murder Club - Games of Passion. I'd say this game was made for Oprah. "Do YOU have what it takes to solve a James Patternson Mystery?" Sorry Cammie, I don't think I do.

2:40 New Nintendo DS adventure from Ubisoft - COP:The Recruit. Taking down terrorists wiping out New York.

2:40 Style Savy - a game where you... Dress up. Aimed at pre-teens and predators.

2:43 Onto Nintendo DSi. "Already capturing the passion of players." Montage of people talking it up.

2:44 Total Nintendo DSi sales is 1M in two months since launch. 400,000 thousand for DS Lite in same period. It's great because two SKUs are... "personal"?

2:45 FlipNotes Studio a mini-movie maker, available this year.

2:46 Mario Vs Donkey Kong Minis March Again. DSi-ware only game. Playable on the show floor. Available this monday.

2:47 WarioWare DYI lets you design levels yourself. Tons of games for DS coming out quite quickly here.

2:48 DSi will allow people to upload and share photos directly to Facebook. Xbox 360 isn't alone.

2:50 Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks mentioned briefly - on the show floor this week. No video shown. "Never been so much going on for Nintendo portables." "In our world everyone's game."

2:52 Here comes Iwata to talk up how everyone is now playing video games (thanks to Nintendo).

2:53 295M People are actively playing gaming in Japan, US, Europe.

2:54 149 million people might play. Saying those who think they would never play are the people who might define the platform. An "unprecedented challenge".

2:56 Always raising the bar limits new players. Lowering the bar frustrates existing players. Ideally it's possible to create products to satisfy everyone. New products moving towards that goal; New Super Mario Bros, Wii Fit Resort.

2:57 This kind of solution alone "might not be entirely convincing". A sneak peak. An entirely different way of thinking about games. "Please look for the first time at the Wii Vitality Sensor". NINTENDO HAS JOINED SCIENTOLOGY. No really... I'm worried. Information relating to inner world of your body... Through a finger clip. Apparently this will help you relax. Muted applause.

3:00 Cammie is back. Talking about Mario. "For the first time ever a second full 3D title is going to appear on a single Nintendo console."

3:02 Looks like Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mario running around planets, sneaking past ghost, riding Yoshi. I've almost forgotten about the vitality sensor already.

3:03 "I'll be honest I read the blogs too", says Reggie. "I want more - that more is generally associated with publishers, not Nintendo."

3:06 Talking up third-party titles for Wii; Conduit, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, Dead Space Extraction. Nothing new here apparently - this is how the Wii is appealing the to hardcore gamers. Muted applause.

3:09 Ah "new edgier game" coming from Nintendo.

3:10 A preview of what they've been creating with Team Ninja. Whoa I'm seeing space ships, awesome renders, girl putting on a helmet.

3:13 Metroid: Other M., available 2010. We're committed to making Nintendo "Everyone's game". Reggie signing off.

Metroid Other M E3 2009 Trailer

3:15 That's it folks. Thanks for joining us. Tell us what you thought in the comments. Stay tuned for the Sony Conference Liveblog very shortly.
4 years ago
Wii Fit Plus, Pikmin 3, Mario Wii!
I've stayed up for the last few Nintendo conferences and been bitterly disappointed so I'm going to give this one a miss. I'm up early tomorrow anyway.
4 years ago
I'll be watching it. Nintendo better make up for last years disappointment. A new Zelda for Wii would be fantastic icon_smile.gif
4 years ago
A new Mario seems to be likely at this point. A new Zelda would actually get excited to play the console again though. Miyamoto is in town, maybe a repeat of the 2004 conference close?
4 years ago
Definitely a new Mario being shown.

Super Mario Bros. Wii as you can see(just) behind the curtain in the Nintendo booth.
4 years ago
^ Yay, NOW I'm watching it.
4 years ago
I have to work 9-6 tomorrow sadly. I'm gonna get up early to read up on all the info from Nintendo and Sony's conferences.
4 years ago
Got an exam lecture tomorrow at 9am but I'm getting used to staying up with the crapload of work uni has thrown our way. Definitely watching tonight...
4 years ago
For anyone who wants feeds, have these.

4 years ago
New SMB Wii seems pretty sweet.

Now blah blah Wii Fit Plus. Yawn.
4 years ago
mario and wii fit so far? are we recapping before announcing the new stuff?
4 years ago
Uh New SMB for Wii is new. As is Wii Fit Plus.
4 years ago
I'm finding Gamespot to be more fluid than G4 so far if people are trying to decide
4 years ago
Yeah, GameSpot's feed is more live.
Wii Sports Resort looks really fun too. icon_biggrin.gif
4 years ago
4 years ago
Golden Sun DS. Nintendo Wins E3 for me icon_smile.gif
4 years ago
icon_biggrin.gif WOMENS MURDER CLUB!!!... i mean GOLDEN SUN! <3
4 years ago
This conference is an epic fail so far. Only SMB and Golden Sun to care about. Golden Sun I'd be skeptical they'll ruin too, I loved the GBA ones though.

It's interesting too seeing the unanimous slaughter from commentors on the e3 feed site.

EDIT: Thank God Iwata is on now. He's so adorable.
4 years ago
James, I *think* Nintendo roll Australian numbers into "Europe" like Sony.
4 years ago
Nintendo make their own punchlines to the industry's jokes now.

Its a finger sensor.
4 years ago
What we're watching at the moment of Wii Vitality Sensor:

4 years ago
Awesome, they just showed a Fleshlight controller!
4 years ago
Yoshi's there!
4 years ago
Thank goodness Galaxy 2. Best news so far.
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