Joseph Rositano
05 Jun, 2009

Nintendo Store update - 05/06/09

Wii News | Fantasies, art, and Animal Crossing apps.
It's Friday again and you all know what that means - the Australian and European Nintendo stores have been updated. This week, the WiiWare title Final Fantasy IV: The After Years has been released on the Wii Shop Channel. Meanwhile, the DSi Store is treated to Art Style: KUBOS, as well as two new apps in the form of the Animal Crossing Calculator and Animal Crossing Clock.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was actually released as a mobile phone game in Japan, and managed to top over three million paid downloads in February 2009. Given dozens of other mobile games have been ported to the WiiWare service, it comes as little surprise Square Enix chose to port this game as well. The After Years is set roughly 17 years after the events of Final Fantasy IV, and sees players assume the role of Ceodore, son of Cecil Harvey and Rosa Farrell. The game will initially set you back 800 Wii points, but that only gets you the first 'chapter'. There are eight additional chapters to purchase, each costing 300 Wii points each. That means to play the entire game, you can expect to shell out a whopping 3200 Wii points (ouch).

Art Style: KUBOS is another quirky, yet simple title in the popular Art Style series. This one sees you guide a man on a platform and dodge falling blocks, then move them in different positions to climb up a tower. Your ultimate goal is to get as high as you can. The game will set you back 500 DSi points.

The two new apps to hit the DSi Store aren't exactly spectacular. The Animal Crossing Calculator and Clock do exactly as advertised, so there's not a lot of appeal unless you're a big fan of the franchise. The calculator has a handy unit conversion tool, while the clock lets you use custom recordings created in DSi Sound and set them as alarms. Both apps will set you back 200 DSi points each.

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4 years ago
Final Fantasy VII for PSN and Final Fantasy IV: the after years for Wii Ware. Square-Enix already have my $30 bucks! Bastards...
4 years ago
3200 wii points? Fucking hell. Next time, just release the thing on a disc as a budget game. Seriously, that's ridiculous.
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