Adam Ghiggino
28 Feb, 2009

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years heading to Wii

Wii News | Mobile phone sequel destined for Nintendo's console?
Siliconera's research into ESRB ratings has turned up an interesting treasure - the previously Japanese mobile phone exclusive Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is apparently heading for Nintendo Wii -in North America at least.

The game was rated 'E' for everyone, and described as "a 2D role-playing game in which players embark on an adventure involving magical crystals and a mysterious kingdom." Those more in the know about the game know that it was a downloadable episodic adventure which took place seventeen years after Final Fantasy IV, dealing with Cecil and Rosa's son Ceodore as well as featuring a host of returning characters. It was released last year.

There is currently no word on how the game will be released on Wii - whether it will be retail, downloadable or downloadable in episodic form like its mobile cousin. There is also no evidence of a release outside of North America at this stage, but we'll keep you posted should any changes arise.

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5 years ago
ive been interested in this one, i wonder how they will do it though, i was thinking making it one you can send to play on the DS would be awesome, might even be able to save it onto the DSi, or i could be dreaming... still a chance to play it however it is presented is a good thing
5 years ago
It would be great if this could somehow make it to the Wii. I haven't too much to play on the console and this addition would be great.
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