Joseph Rositano
23 Jan, 2009

Take a look at Cursed Mountain

Wii Media | Should Resident Evil 4 be afraid?

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5 years ago
Boy do I hate developers/publishers releasing Wii screens in higher res with more AA and AF than the Wii can handle. It’s so…cheap.
5 years ago
Is this some sort of sick joke? Resident Evil 4 killer? This crap can't even compare to Resident Evil: Degeneration on the fucking N-Gage!

Seriously wtf?! Did the mountain just throw up?!

RArrRrRrrggggGGGHHHhhHgghhhhH...gimme five.

Look at that shit! They didn't even finish colouring in the building!

Fuck this game looks shit!!
5 years ago
6 months later...

Ugh - 'peeze, this game is the **** RE killer ... it is!'
5 years ago
hahahha great post Ugh so so very true!
5 years ago
That red guy reminds me of Red Steel, with the weird outline. Were they intentional?
5 years ago
The only reason it would make RE 4 afraid is because the sheer horror of the terrible graphics and possible gameplay.
5 years ago
I dont think this is set for release till the 2nd half of the yr. It was only announced late last yr.
5 years ago
I think it has potential, wouldnt you all rather be optimistic than pessimistic?

Nothing will beat RE4. Contradictic?
5 years ago
Not even Res Evil 5 will beat RE4. The very fact that we are still talking about it means its legendary status will probably survive for a decade.
5 years ago

Much better
5 years ago
waz79 wrote
Not even Res Evil 5 will beat RE4. The very fact that we are still talking about it means its legendary status will probably survive for a decade.
RE5 will almost certainly be better then RE4, but it's like Ocarina of Time, even if the games comming after surpass it, it doesn't matter RE4 was what started it.

On this game, the screens in hte OP do look kinda lame, but from watching the trailer it doesn't look like it's trying to be RE4, it looks closer to something like Silent Hill a far more atmospheric horror game.
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