Kimberley Ellis
19 Feb, 2008

First Speed Racer details revealed

Wii News | Go, go Speed Racer!
Earlier today, Warner Brothers revealed the first screenshots of the upcoming Wii and DS title Speed Racer.

Set to drop alongside the film release this June, Speed Racer will see the car culture of the classic cartoon come to live in a colourful, vibrant racing game for Nintendo's hardware.

The game will see players competing in the World Racing League where twist tracks and impossible racing maneuvers are the order of the day. Players will be able to suit up and drive a T180, a race car that can jump, flip and achieve all sorts of automotive ballet in one speedy little package in a quest to eliminate your opponents from the competition.

EDIT: This article originally went live on the 18th of February. The screenshots which originally appeared have been removed as per a publisher's request. No text has been modified.

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6 years ago
Whoa. That's one bright looking demon on wheels. I don't recall the cartoon looking that fluoro.
6 years ago
I have no idea if those graphics look good or bad or even if they are graphics lol but the movie looks really kool lol...
6 years ago
6 years ago
Tristan wrote
Whoa. That's one bright looking demon on wheels. I don't recall the cartoon looking that fluoro.
I was hoping for something a bit more faithful to the original cartoon. icon_confused.gif
6 years ago
Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer

Ignore the video, listen to the song for a laugh.

EDIT: I should mention that if you listen to this, you'll never think of the theme the same way again.
6 years ago
I remain reserved on passing judgement on either movie or game. I hope they're cool.

Seriously though, there can be no competition with Captain Falcon, the demon without wheels.
6 years ago
From the trailer for the movie, the movie is going to tank worse then Pluto Nash icon_wink.gif icon_lol.gif It has so much promise and they've just let the Speed Racer name down. The game will be the same and will soon be found in bargain bins for $9.99 when the movie is forgotten less then a month after release icon_wink.gif icon_lol.gif
6 years ago
What I want to know is what's the deal with this so called Mach 6? What was wrong with the Mach 5?
6 years ago
wow...the game actually looks pretty cool
6 years ago
theory wrote

Couldn't resist.
First thing I thought of too.

You're on some now you see me now you don't ish.
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