Mark Marrow
21 Mar, 2007

Ubisoft to release Final Fantasy duo in May

DS News | Final Fantasy III and Chocobo Tales finally on their way.
Ubisoft has today announced that the company will be distributing Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales in Australia and New Zealand, with both titles scheduled for a May release.

Final Fantasy III, which will be available in stores from May 4, is a remake of the classic NES title that previously was a Japanese-exclusive. The remake has received a complete makeover for its DS debut, with new 3D graphics, rebalanced job system, and a much more fleshed out story for the game’s four heroes.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales is a game where players must compete in a variety of mini-games and microgames as a Chocobo to save lost friends and restore peace to the land. The game includes a card-based combat system, as well as multiplayer support. Using Nintendo’s Wi-Fi, 2-4 players may team up for battles, or participate in mini-games. Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales will be released at the end of May.

Three new screenshots from the PAL version of Final Fantasy III can also be found in our Media Panel.

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7 years ago
Ubisoft???? Money grabbing whores.
7 years ago
joejoe wrote
Ubisoft???? Money grabbing whores.
Shouldn't be regarded as a negative.

Square Enix has never had a presence downunder, meaning that we had to rely on Sony to publish Square Enix titles. Ubisoft have published Square Enix titles in Australia and New Zealand for the last year - with games such as Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Dirge of Cerberus already under their belt.

Now say it with me: "Thank you Ubisoft!"
7 years ago
Thank you Ubisoft. I never knew Ubi were publishing SE games. Was it Sony publishing games on there system before and Nintendo also with the GBA ones.
7 years ago
Even my UK PS1 platinum FFVIII is published by Ubisoft, so they've obviously had a relationship with SE for quite a while..
7 years ago
To late, nearly finished FF3 allready.
7 years ago
Ubisoft indeed wants a big presence on Nintendo systems, kudos to them
7 years ago

You mena FF3 isn't out for another couple of months?

Well, at least it'll make a great birthday present for me on the next day!
7 years ago
and a greater present for me on the day after that!!!!
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