14 Sep, 2005

Burnout Legends DS Images

DS News | Yes, Burnout is coming to the DS as well. Yes, we've got the first images.
Whilst never officially announcing Burnout Legends for the Nintendo DS, small trickles of information have leaked out to confirm the game's existence, as well as the first official screenshots today.

Whilst EA hasn't revealed too much about the game, it is evident from the screenshots that the game will contain a pursuit mode. The top screen will show the game in action, and the bottom screen will contain a map and what looks like a meter showing the damage to your car, which would be very handy during road rage mode (if it makes the cut).

Some of the screenshots (which can be found in the Media Panel) demonstrate how the game will retain the famous sense of speed that has made it so addictive. Burnout Legends is available for the PSP next week and will be available for the Nintendo DS in the last week of November; we'll have more news as it becomes available.

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04 Aug, 2005 Crash Junctions and Takedowns on two screens? Can it get any better?
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8 years ago
BACK to the topic, I honestly expected for there to be worse graphics....

Now off the topic, I believe (not that I'm entirely happy about) that once GTA is released on PSP, the DS is going to be floored in the West. Then when more of the titles like RPG's and established franchises start flowing through the PSP, DS is going to have trouble picking itself up. But until then, PSP has Nintendogs to contend with.

I have no doubt that the DS will continue to thrive in Japan, as long as Nintendo keep nurturing the market with a constant flow of releases. However, unless Nintendo do the same outside of Japan, the PSP will eventually take over.
8 years ago
Karl wrote
David wrote
Karl wrote

Developers wont want to produce for the DS because of the major power lack - thats where the PSP wins, its game range is already destroying the DS's.

I know what you mean, but I'll think you'll find developers are preferring the DS. In August there was only 1 PSP game in the USA top 25, and five DS games, and in Japan it's very rare to see a PSP game in the charts, but DS usually counts for half the top ten. PSP games are not selling, and developers are dropping support.
It may be fun for developers to use the DS's extra abilities but in esence there only extras. With more power the PSP allows Developers to do so much more - I imagine the coding would be easier and they could do certain things they couldnt with the DS.

Like so far think of the games the DS has Spiderman 2, Ridge Racer and now Burnout - compare the PSP counterparts and its like a generation jump when it shouldnt be. Im sure the developers are trying, but it just aint working for the DS.

Its quite obvious the PSP at the moment is superior to the DS, but then again theres the price difference. But still mistake on Nintendos behalf aint it? because which handheld is going to sell more in the long run?

I love Nintendo but they just seem really out gamed, they have to stop porting and start creating.
No matter how much developers like the power (which as of now, dvelopers aren't supporting the powerhouse) -- they're supporting the "weak" console in full force. And you know why? PROFITS.-DS software is profitable, PSP aint.

Point being, devs. won't turn away profit, they're life blood -- for "power".

psp - $800,000
ds- $200,000

Rough dev cost (not total estimate)
8 years ago
Jeremy wrote
I believe (not that I'm entirely happy about) that once GTA is released on PSP, the DS is going to be floored in the West.
I'm leaning that way too... GTA is releasing very early, it seems. If Nintendo doesn't get a move on, it might even beat Mario Kart to release, and in any case it'll certainly be before Metroid Prime: Hunters (attraction for FPS crowd) and Pokémon (always a major seller).
Sony might outgun Nintendo with GTA ... it might kill the momentum of the DS outright before people consider the major games.
I'm hoping it won't, but. icon_smile.gif

Anyway. At the minimum, GTA will give a massive boost to the PSP's sales.
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