Chris Leigh
09 Sep, 2005

DS Animal Crossing dated for US and Europe

DS News | Crossing our paths sooner than we thought.
Nintendo has revealed that Europe can expect the Nintendo DS version of Animal Crossing during the first quarter of 2006. But if that's a little too long for you to wait, then you can always import; the title will be hitting US shop shelves on December 5th this year. We're still waiting on a date for Australia, but we suspect it's going to be relatively close to the European release.

The game, which was recently renamed as Animal Crossing: Wild World and runs according to a 'real world' clock, sees players taking on the role of cute, stylised animals who live in a town with other cute, stylised animals. Through trading items, chatting to the other beasts in your town, completing missions, keeping the town tidy, planting trees, collecting dinosaur bones and bugs and buying and selling goods each day (amongst a multitude of other things), players will slowly be able to build their dream home, pay off their mortgage and see the community around them grow and develop. All whilst watching the seasons change as real-time floats by. Awww.

Anyway, it was all terribly addictive on the GameCube, and with the DS version set to have full online play (an omission that arguably hurt the GameCube original), it could just eat up a scary amount of our days when it does finally appear. Stay tuned for more news.

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8 years ago
Finally! December 5th...
that's... (ran off & started counting the day in the dairy in Animal Crossing)

10min later... (Got side tracked & started playing the NES games)

...about 90 days!
8 years ago
Pity about not having any NES games in it, though...
8 years ago
Wat? You mean the DS one don't have any NES games on it?

but then again... I could aways get a PSP
8 years ago
This is great news, I wasn't expecting this until at least March/April 06.

Becuase it is run by a worldwide clock, does it mean that if I visit a friend in the US, it will be Xam there if it's Ypm in Australia? (too lazy too look up how far USA is behind in time icon_razz.gif)
8 years ago
I think that question was actually answered by Nintendo... that when you visit a friend's town, the time the in-game Animal Crossing clock will report is the time in their game, as if you'd crossed timezones and actually gone to their town. They mentioned that in that way it'd be possible to celebrate in-game events which happen on certain times of certain days more than once by hopping between timezones icon_smile.gif
8 years ago
Well based on the suggested time period for Europe, I guess I was right in assuming I won't be getting my DS till next year. That's a bad thing, but a good thing too. Interesting...
8 years ago
The ability to play online rather than play some NES games seems like a fair deal.
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