Chris Leigh
23 Aug, 2005

Online Battle Mode removed from Mario Kart DS

DS News | Noooooooooooooooooooo.
Those of you intending to put some serious hours in to the Battle Mode of the forthcoming Mario Kart DS will now have to find some like-minded friends, with Nintendo admitting today that Battle Mode will not be playable online.

The revelation arrived in an interview with French website Puissance-Nintendo, where the game's producer, Hideki Konno, confessed that Battle Mode will be restricted to wireless LAN play only.

Having said that, Konno did at least assure the site that four-player head-to-head racing will still be present and correct, with an Xbox-Live-esque service allowing players to manage buddy lists and quick race against anyone. The same service will also store racing stats, meaning players of similar abilities will be able matched together to avoid humiliating thrashings.

There was also a new power-up revealed; a squid that allows players to temporarily cover their main rival's playing screen with ink. We'd rather have online Battle Mode personally, but there you go.

Mario Kart DS is due to hit Europe on 9th November, with the Australian launch expected on the same date, or shortly after.

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8 years ago
Well that's a pickle and a half then. I'm not sure about the rest of you but I've always found Battle mode the most enjoyable when it comes to multiplayer Mario Kart, with it not being online I must say I don't think I'll be enjoying the multiplayer component of this title as much as I could be. Bummer.
8 years ago
damn, thats no good.
8 years ago
Well, at least u can still race.
Better then nothing at all. icon_wink.gif
8 years ago
You maniacs! You blew it all up!
8 years ago

Battle mode always was a bit 'ass' in my opinion.When i first read the title i thought online play had been dropped altogether-now THAT would suck.

8 years ago
Battle mode aye? i remember back in my day we would have hours on end of fun with battle mode. Its sad to see its limited to you and your friends, not getting to get to explore the outside world. icon_razz.gif
8 years ago

I really, really, really find Battle Mode to be HEAPS of fun.
It's my favourite mode (well, DD stuffed it up with crappy maps, but with MK64 I got a lot of mileage out of it with my friends).

That's too bad that it won't be online.
That said, I recall, reading that the game would allow for single-player Battle Mode - I guess that would mean Battle Mode against bots with some level of AI.
Of course, I could have been misinformed (although I recall reading it in an interview with the developer over at IGN).

Ah well...
8 years ago
I don't recall reading that online Battle Mode was confirmed ... which makes this an "omission" rather than a "removal".
It is a shame, but really I'm happy with just being able to play the regular versus modes online. I'll still be able to play Battle Mode locally (and in single-player), so it's not too frustrating. icon_kero.gif

I hope the Battle Mode is of a high standard icon_biggrin.gif
(I much preferred Mario Kart 64's to Double Dash!!'s!)
8 years ago
Oh i can see what battle mode would have been like....

Console-Jibbs(Bowser) joined the game

Console-Jibbs(Bowser) was blown up by 3 red shells from Mike(Luigi)

Jibbs(Bowser)-*** dont camp spawn!

Mike(Luigi)-Blow me.

***Console-Jibbs(Bowser) left game.

8 years ago
Hyperworm wrote
I hope the Battle Mode is of a high standard icon_biggrin.gif
(I much preferred Mario Kart 64's to Double Dash!!'s!)
Me too. I hated the battle level in the DD version which was just a square with 4 squares in the middle. The one similar too that on MK64 was awesome. I suppose, more of my friends had MK64, so battle was much funner, especially 4 player, where-as now it's usually a 2 player battle, with my brother and I for DD. icon_sad.gif
8 years ago
Well I'm sure that with some nifty networking you can play online.
I suggest setting up a VPN between the DSs'
8 years ago
At least there is still some online play.
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